What I Like About You

I saw this on the ground walking through the rain on Brigham Young University campus. It was folded and wet. Hope you’re happy, Bradley. It sounds like somebody loves you.

Gamers Ski Trip

David, Nick, and Rupert go on a ski trip…

10 Good, 10 Bad

I found this folded up and blowing down my street.

Patrick’s Accomplist

A bunch of friends and I took the safe bus to the bars downtown for some drinks and good times. Right when we got off at our stop, we found this gem laying on the sidewalk. Perfect way to start the night off!

This Is Effing Urgent

We found this in our front yard. It looks like someone was planning a pretty fantastic road trip. I can only hope they had a back up copy of this list.

Warning Future Adam

I found this whilst working at the Salvation Army, on the backside is a treasure map I was never able to decipher.

Where to Do It

I found this walking back from the Y, just blowing across the grass, on a college campus. I say this couple has gone around from the “crossed off” locations and has a lot more places to go.

Walter Pops

I think this might be some sort of activity done in an English class or a reading group, but I found it in a grocery store parking lot so I’m not sure. Looks like they learned something, though.