Sorry About the Perfume


FOUND by Amy in Portland, Oregon

Working in a library, we often find personal items left in books. Today, when one of my coworkers opened a picture book up to repair it, this came fluttering out. We were able to determine that the words that are scratched out were “To cheer you up.” We wondered what made her edit that particular phrase out and of course what happened with the perfume.

Shh My Ass


FOUND by Elaine B. in Albany, New York

Love (or friendship) note left beneath my windshield wiper; my name’s not Maria but my license plate frame says “I’m a librarian and I will shush your ass.” Maria must be pretty awesome since the author says there should be “1 million more of her.” On the other hand, the author wasn’t sure if Maria is a librarian or not, so might not know Maria very well at all. I am a librarian at a local university and was parked in the student lot, so I presume this is from a student, but there are no librarians named Maria on campus. I hope Maria learns someday how highly this author, and presumably others, think of her.