I found four papers stuffed into the back of the seat in front of me in the auditorium. Pierce clearly wasn’t having a good day as the papers included a brochure, a school schedule, a failing report card, and this. I hope he returned Touching the Void.

Oh, Great

I found this by a computer in a college library.

My Notice

I work in the library on campus, and found this when browsing through some of the files on the computer while bored. Rock on, AM.

Naked Prey

I don’t remember where I found this, but the book titles sure are intriguing.

Sneezing Banned

I work in a library and we have these little forms scattered around the place for members of the public to write on with their comments and leave in a little box for the librarian to respond to. This particular person wants us to BAN SNEEZING in the library.

Shh My Ass

Love (or friendship) note left beneath my windshield wiper; my name’s not Maria but my license plate frame says “I’m a librarian and I will shush your ass.” Maria must be pretty awesome since the author says there should be “1 million more of her.” On the other hand, the author wasn’t sure if Maria … Continued

Reading List

Our local library issues printed receipts for checked-out books, complete with due dates.


I found this at the library in a Hellboy comic.

Character Cannot

I was leafing through a copy of Kenzaburo Oë’s A Personal Matter and ran across this note that someone had left in the novel. It’s a tough reminder of the transience of life, but especially fitting in this story.