Hey Nuthugger!

We found this letter in The Saint Bar and Lounge, probably left by one of the crackheads or hookers that live above it. The p.s. is really the kicker.

Good News in Newark

Found in a puddle outside my workplace near a day-care center. Glad to know some “Good News” is going down in the city!

Fat Joe vs. 50 Cent

So I just got a letter sent to my office addressed to Fat Joe, via his publicist. Unfortunately, they got the address wrong, and it wound up in my hands.


I spent many hours over the course of two days at this year’s Dump Days Tag Sale — an annual fundraising event in our town — hunting and pecking through the junk to find and buy all sorts of cool stuff that I don’t need. It was a boom year. And then, at the very … Continued

Print Jobs

Typically you print and go retrieve your stuff, especially if its not work-related. Someone forgot his personal print job.


I found this in my yard. Obviously, Zyan just can’t forgive Katie for what happened on Thursday.

Hulk Bean Bag Chair

I found this in a magazine in the basement at a ‘BUY SELL TRADE’ shop in Notting Hill. The bean bag chair does look comfy, especially the “padded belly seat area.”


Found laying by the sidewalk while walking my dog. Evette’s advice doesn’t seem to be getting through.

Satans Daughter

I found this in Tappan Square, the central park of Oberlin, folded up and perched on a snowdrift. At first it was hard to tell if this was a parody, with all the teenage angsty cliches. Though the suicide threats are a bit scary, they are overwhelmed by the absurd satanic claims.