Don’t Be Late


Found by Victoria P. in Conway, AR

“Found outside of Old Chicago very late one night. Everyone else had more or less cleared the building; this was next to the sidewalk by the restaurant’s front door. I don’t know what “it” is that the writer is referring to, but the note made me giggle. I wonder just how forgetful the intended reader actually is?” -Victoria

The Winner’s Attitude

FOUND by Grace Castro

“Ordered a book (The Winner’s Attitude: Using the “Switch” Method to Change How You Deal with Difficult People and Get the Best Out of Any Situation at Work) for one of my marketers to work on his attitude problem. While flipping through the book, a folded up note slipped out, with “Mike!!” written on the outside. Inside, a very grateful Marc was offering to buy Mike a “well deserved” drink and IF he keeps in touch, Marc would introduce him to the gal on the cover of the CD. Clearly, this book gets results – a drink AND an introduction to a beautiful woman? That should be on the review page.” -Grace