Dinosaur Poster

I found this dinosaur poster at an intersection near my house when I was walking home from the local market. It contains lots of dinosaur facts as well, as some more subjective statements (“Dinosaurs fight bad animals”). This is one of my all-time favorite finds and I can only hope that the person who created … Continued

Dear School

Found in my elementary school’s computer lab.

A Retirement Home Is Not a Nightclub

I live in a retirement home that also has students living here too (I’m one of the students). One night some students were playing music in the student floor lounge and some guy who was staying in one of the bed and breakfast rooms came in and yelled at them. Then he left this note.

Make a Rude Video

I assume this was a tearful love letter after a breakup with his/her lover. It really just speaks for itself. It made me chuckle for a long while. Enjoy!

51 President

I found this while cleaning an office building. It chills me to the bone.

I’m The Boss Bitch

This was slipped under our door on the last day of finals at Heidelberg College. We have no idea who it is from, who wrote the reply, or why it was given to us. I especially like how they wish the “loud music playing man” a great summer.

Decided To Finish

This was in a used book. It feels like notes for a speech, but that doesn’t seem right.

See You in Future

I found this letter (assumedly written by an international student) tucked in an anthology of Holocaust literature at my college library.

And You Said MY Grammar Was Bad

To the best of my knowledge, this is a letter written from a parent to a child. The irony of it all makes my head go silly inside.