I found this in a rental car at the airport when I was on vacation in the Carolinas.

Enough to Be Famous

I found this folded up under a flower pot at a local coffee shop. I don’t know how to upload the other side at the same time, it appears to be possible, but I don’t know how. On the other side it says: “Do not read unless you are Lenny. If you not Lenny, please … Continued

Your Biggest Fan

My co-worker and I found this on the beach the other day. Don’t worry, we’re mailing the letter to Miss Montana as soon as possible.

Jail Time Blues

I was digging through the discount record section at Sound Exchange in Houston, TX when my thumbs came across an old vintage vinyl copy of “Frampton Comes Alive” by Peter Frampton. I opened the gatefold, admired the art, and then when I went to pull the record out I noticed a folded up note inside. … Continued

The Drug War in Mexico

Found this in a self-help book (coincidently not about Mexico or drugs) in a free community library by my house. I hope Demetria finds all that she wants and more.

Dear Mom

I’m a counselor at a camp and I found this on the floor after all the campers left.

Baby Bresses

We recently moved into a new house. Soon after, we began getting plain paper-wrapped magazines addressed to the previous owner. We learned through the grapevine that he worked for Hustler or Penthouse Magazine some years back. Strangely enough, about two weeks into our new stay a postcard arrived addressed to Penthouse Magazine. Somehow the writer … Continued

Get Outta This Town

I found this while moving into my new apartment. Some girls who had lived there prior had left a bunch of furniture behind. It’s a small college town where people come from all over the country. Seems as though this couple were headed their separate ways pretty soon. I wonder if they continued their relationship, … Continued

Weightless Status

I found this on the ground next to a park bench by a lake.

Love, Big Bird

I found this post card many years ago outside of a hotel I was staying in.