Imported Kiss

This photo was Found by Raim

I found this in the boot of my car after I bought it. It is a Japanese car not sold in many places outside of Japan that was privately imported to Australia around 8-10 years ago. When I cleaned out all the carpet inside the boot I found a squished packet of photos that I gather were developed in 1998 at Fujifilm in Japan. I would like to know what these people’s lives were like and where they are now.

Third Wheels


FOUND by Amber Dawn in North Carolina

I’d say about half of the photos that I found in an old photo album involve this family in some way, and then the other half are a mystery to me. This Polaroid was probably taken by the younger sister since she’s not pictured here. I’m not sure if she meant to capture her parents kissing, but I’m glad she did.

BLANKED on Christmas


FOUND by McKenah in a high school cafeteria

My friend and I were exiting our school cafeteria when we saw a note flutter to the ground. We didn’t get a chance to see who dropped it but whoever it was, she was chatting with the principle. My friend scooped it up and unfolded it quickly. we read it and started dying laughing and then argued over who could keep it.