Blanked On Christmas

My friend and I were exiting our school cafeteria when we saw a note flutter to the ground. We didn’t get a chance to see who dropped it but whoever it was, she was chatting with the principle. My friend scooped it up and unfolded it quickly. we read it and started dying laughing and … Continued


Found this on the sidewalk on my way home from a movie.

Thanks Ella

This child’s drawing was put through the mail slot in my front door. Mail usually comes to the mailbox down the road by my house, so this was hand delivered by someone who thought I needed it. A few days ago was a holiday called Laskiaissunnuntai, which is the beginning of Lent but is really … Continued

The Kiss

Found this great photo about three years ago in an old box, it just made me smile.

My Sweet Geodon

I don’t know what Geodon is supposed to do, but I need to get my hands on some! This is the second love note I’ve found on a medical Post-it!

Six Flags Summer

This looks like it fell, rather than being torn, from whatever it was double-sided taped to. They look so happy!

Nothing Wrong With That

I found this note when I went to pick up a pop can. I hate walking into the middle of a conversation.