Wayne Said

Workplace conflict … one guy’s side of the story.

I Don’t Get Paid To Sit On Babies

Found this hidden in between several folded pages inside of a textbook in my English class. Seems like an in-class journal entry at first, but then you notice the giant F—. Probably a joke between friends. I’d love to know where this spawned from.

Unhappy New Year!

The author of this New Year’s Day reflection looks to be a very lonely and dramatic 18-year old. I’ve got a feeling he’d make a really good boyfriend if she’d ever give him a chance. New Year’s get better once you’re old enough to drink.

So My Soul is a Mess

I found this at the post office. I was standing in line and it was either forgotten or discarded with a stack of envelopes. I hope Anne appreciates the journal Carolyn apparently gave her, poor Carolyn and her messy soul!

Journal Entry

I work at a recycling center (and find enough things to start my own ‘found’ site). I thought this was FOUND-worthy because of the author’s unique style. Maybe they’re now hard at work on the next “great American novel???”

Sleeping With The Enemy

This was in a storage unit I was cleaning out. Maybe he hated her just as much and they broke up?

Blackmail for $50. Do It Again.

While working at a grocery store we found what appears to be a teenage boys journal. Other pages contain short stories that are unfinished and extremely ridiculous, children’s book ideas, lists of things he wants, and randomly his social security number and 1 drawing.