Going to Atlanta


FOUND by Amber Dawn in North Carolina

These pages are from a very ambitious, yet short-lived journal by a college student en route to Atlanta in a 15-person passenger van. Likely a Diversity function by a student organization, the point was to learn more about poverty by staying in a homeless shelter. I’m not sure if the last page was meant as a concluding sentence, but it seems a little abrupt when compared to all the exposition.

The author makes no mention of a date, nor does he note the duration of the trip. The journal has a copyright date of 1993, so my guess would be mid-to-late 90′s. In the first 3 pages, the author makes note of the other passengers’ activities en route: reading, sleeping, and quiet conversation. There’s no mention of cell phones, though he does describe the reggae music as “blaring through a little silver box.” I guess that could be anything from a transistor radio to a modern portable mp3 speaker.

I hope he became immersed in the experience and didn’t have time to write any more, as opposed to a more grim fate at the hands of an untrustworthy hobo.

Paths Far Apart


FOUND by Justin Tyler in Denver, Colorado

I found this in the back of a journal I was flipping threw in an ARC thrift store just outside of Denver. It blows my mind that this heart-to-heart letter sat unread and untouched for almost 30 years. It might have been a rough draft, but the journal I found it in had no other pages torn out that I could see and nothing else was written in it. Why it never made it to Lisa I guess is up for speculation. Thank you Jon, Now your letter was’ent written in vain.