Dear Bar Staff

I found two signed copies of this note balled up on the New York-bound platform of the train station.

My Notice

I work in the library on campus, and found this when browsing through some of the files on the computer while bored. Rock on, AM.


I found this love letter of sorts while closing at my job. I believe it was on a bookshelf in the biography section but I’m not sure.


I found this in the back of a used Spanish textbook ordered on

Get Back to Work

A co-worker knocked the metal piece off the top of her cubicle, and hidden underneath were a few notes. I made a photocopy before replacing them. it’s almost like a time capsule; I am thinking of adding “Obama ’08″ on my own scrap.

Job Aplactions

I was out walking my dog in the neighborhood during one of the first days of spring. We crossed the street and I saw this.

Dear Carwash

I was getting quarters at the “ghetto carwash” when I saw this note ripped in half and lying on top of the trash can. It’s true, the one on Broadway is A LOT nicer.

Here Are Your Choices

My dad just called me laughing hysterically- he found this note blown into his yard. Mike is his asshole neighbor’s kid who just graduated high school. Ha ha.

Private: Captain

I purchased a copy of “Jim Henson’s Designs and Doodles” and found this note crammed in the front cover. The person to whom this note is addressed and myself have the same name.