This picture (one of about twelve) was found in the basement of my apartment when we moved in.

To A Future Member of the Mormon Faith

The volunteers of the Jail Library Group at UW-Madison found this inscription in a donated copy of the Book of Mormon. The book is now in the Dane County Jail’s collection.

To Help Him

I found this on Potrero Hill. The piece of paper was taped to the sidewalk just before an intersection. I guess Hammer doesn’t have a pager.

If The Worst Happens

I found this postcard in a littered parking space at a condo complex and read it a few times. I find myself interpreting the open ended statements a little differently each time. My interpretations get a little darker each time. It truly is an “In-Tents” message as the pre-printed text declares.


This letter is near and dear to my heart. My wife and I found this letter, one page at a time, while on walks with our son. Each page was in the gutter just waiting for us in pretty much the same spot. I’ve pulled it at at some gatherings I’ve thrown with friends and … Continued