Saint Madonna

Found stuck to a post at 4th and Grand in downtown. I saw three or four other cards like this but only on that block of 4th Street.

I, Realman

I live near a middle school and high school, and I’m sort of afraid to think that this note was probably generated by one of the high schoolers. My favorite misspelling? “butfile” for what I presume to be “beautiful.” I think this child was left behind.

Bad Poetry

I love the library. Mainly because it’s free, and because it’s about books. Poignant, I know. But it’s really a cool idea if you think about it. All sorts of people that I have never met share in the same likes, and dislikes, of myself. We are all connected in many different ways. Think about … Continued

Blue Things for Hope

This floated into our front yard one afternoon. I think it came from the big house across the street with lots of kids.

Movie Night

I found this list near the English & Philosophy Building. It has an interesting array of movies listed along with a few things to buy at the store.

Baby on a Blanket

I found this while playing in a makeshift club I created in my crawl space. Other old postcards were also discovered.

The Invisible Box

Found in a restaurant parking lot; appears to be someone’s senior picture.

Holy Ghost Power

Talking points for religious program found at a Public Access Television station.

75 Cents Or Less

I collect found notes, but I found this on a light pole recently and it is one of my favorites. The house was nearby, and I was VERY tempted to knock on the door, 75 cents in hand.

Scariest Teller Ever

I was sitting in a bank waiting for someone. I’d already read the newspaper and all they had left were children’s books. After reading a children’s book about a train, I picked up a notebook and began looking through it. There were pictures of rainbows and flowers and houses, and a child named Kavin decided … Continued