Pan Fried Snatch

A coworker and I were working on the boiler in this building, and he told me to go to the kitchen and check the water temp at the sink hydrant. This note was posted over the cook stove. It must have been pretty recent, as it alluded to “No hot water” which was part of … Continued

A Christmas Greeting

Found this on a shelf in the business section at a bookstore a couple weeks before Christmas. It’s written on the back of a bank deposit receipt. The account balance was $1,663.47.

Infinite Staircase

I found this while organizing a clothing drive box at my high school. I still wonder why this person hates cats so much.

Inch Worm

So, I got out of my final class of the day, and headed to the student lounge to wait for my fiancée to get out of her last class– an hour or so difference. I passed by one of the tables, making a straight line to the comfy chairs in the corner of the lounge … Continued

Don’t Even Want This Bike Back

We found this sticking to a movie poster at our local theater. Working as an over-night janitor, I tend to find pretty random things, but this has to be the oddest. No number or address, so the kid really doesn’t want his bike back. He just wants the thief to feel his hatred.

Saint Madonna

Found stuck to a post at 4th and Grand in downtown. I saw three or four other cards like this but only on that block of 4th Street.

I, Realman

I live near a middle school and high school, and I’m sort of afraid to think that this note was probably generated by one of the high schoolers. My favorite misspelling? “butfile” for what I presume to be “beautiful.” I think this child was left behind.

Bad Poetry

I love the library. Mainly because it’s free, and because it’s about books. Poignant, I know. But it’s really a cool idea if you think about it. All sorts of people that I have never met share in the same likes, and dislikes, of myself. We are all connected in many different ways. Think about … Continued

Blue Things for Hope

This floated into our front yard one afternoon. I think it came from the big house across the street with lots of kids.

Movie Night

I found this list near the English & Philosophy Building. It has an interesting array of movies listed along with a few things to buy at the store.