This Is Your Mission

Kohl’s department stores have sturdy cardboard boxes that can fold down and are constantly reused. Stickers are added to the boxes to denote where they get shipped to and clutter the lids to all these boxes. I found these stickers on the top of one of them. The writer must have written the note and … Continued

If You Wish to Proceed

Found in the aisle of the train … seems like a meeting place for an engagement?

Do the Patients Care?

I found this at the hospital where I work. It’s good to know they’re not using dull utensils!

Drop Script

Found this in the street by my apartment complex while walking back from the laundry room.

Creeper Coordination

Found rolled up on the lawn of East Washington Academy, a public elementary school. The “top secret / top secret / top secret / Rules for creeper coordination” side was facing out.