My Behavior

Robyn found this in the parking lot outside of work, where lots of kids walk home from school daily.

Computer Words

I found this folded up outside the Perth Art Gallery

Black on Friday

My grandpa found this in someone’s yard while we were leaving his neighborhood. It’s pretty obvious by the handwriting that some girl made up a mock referral for a friend.

Unwanted Sounds

I found this crumpled on the floor of my therapist’s waiting room.


Found in the Social Science building at Arizona State University. What was the email content?

Season’s Greetings

Some friends bought a house here in California last summer. We found this in the garage taped to a toilet seat!– among things left behind by the previous tenants. Enjoy

Happy Thanksgiving

I found this note on day in my classroom after the kids left. I was initially sad to hear that somebody had a rough morning and then i realized that some of the kids hadn’t been on task the entire time during the period dedicated to silent sustained reading.

The Honesty’s Too Much

Found this at the local credit union on the table where you fill out your deposit slips. The best part? At the moment I found it, the bank’s Muzak started playing “Sometimes When We Touch”! How appropriate.