Don’t Tell Mom

Found in a storage unit I’m cleaning out for whoever is the next to move their stuff in.

An Angle Like You

Found this lying on a #2 Bus seat on my way home from work. Didn’t see who dropped it.

I Will Control Myself

This item was found on my front lawn on Cavalry, back around 1989-90. A student must have dropped this on his way home from school. There were three pages of this at one time: I sent two pages to friends, and I had the last copy framed.

Wayne Said

Workplace conflict … one guy’s side of the story.

My Behavior

Robyn found this in the parking lot outside of work, where lots of kids walk home from school daily.

Computer Words

I found this folded up outside the Perth Art Gallery

Black on Friday

My grandpa found this in someone’s yard while we were leaving his neighborhood. It’s pretty obvious by the handwriting that some girl made up a mock referral for a friend.

Unwanted Sounds

I found this crumpled on the floor of my therapist’s waiting room.


Found in the Social Science building at Arizona State University. What was the email content?