Bam Bam the Beaver

I found this laying on Maine Street as I was getting out of my car one morning in. I though it was so cute that it’s been on my fridge ever since!


Found on the #77 eastbound Belmont bus on a Wednesday evening.

Kung-Fu Possum

I found this in an academic building at my college during a training session. It was crumpled up in a ball on the floor.

Big Plans

I still worry about this poor cat every day. Something tells me this kid has plenty of big plans — this is neither the first nor the last of them.

No What to Do

I work at the university and found this delightful drawing while tidying up the Aboriginal student lounge. I don’t think anyone would know what to do when confronted by a weird bucket with what appears to be a tap. Kids are weird.

Oh, It’s a Human!

Found this waiting in line at a drugstore. The fisherman looks very devious. It scares me that the fish can still think after it’s dead.


Who/what is Bi Plop? The child’s name? I know that now I will NEVER forget to stop, drop and roll!

This Is a Whale

I found these notes stuck together on one of the sweeping lawns of the Philadelphia Main Line. I always have my eyes peeled for treasures while doing my daily walk. I chalk this little gem up to the battalion of leaf blowers that have been active for the past few weeks