No What to Do

I work at the university and found this delightful drawing while tidying up the Aboriginal student lounge. I don’t think anyone would know what to do when confronted by a weird bucket with what appears to be a tap. Kids are weird.

Oh, It’s a Human!

Found this waiting in line at a drugstore. The fisherman looks very devious. It scares me that the fish can still think after it’s dead.


Who/what is Bi Plop? The child’s name? I know that now I will NEVER forget to stop, drop and roll!

This Is a Whale

I found these notes stuck together on one of the sweeping lawns of the Philadelphia Main Line. I always have my eyes peeled for treasures while doing my daily walk. I chalk this little gem up to the battalion of leaf blowers that have been active for the past few weeks

The Hardest Test I Have Ever Taken

I was volunteering at the recycling center that is part of my elementary school. I was digging through a trash-can, sorting things into paper, plastic, cardboard. I grabbed this out and laughed boisterously – this kid obviously knows what’s up.

Piggy Ransom

I found this between two pallets on the warehouse floor of my workplace, on the back of a flyer for discounted health care.

Lick Me, ’90s Style

I found this on a bookshelf in biology a few years back. I like a couple of the bands and so I kept it.

One to the Head

We were going to dinner for our anniversary at Famous Dave’s and this was on the ground outside while we waited for our table. I joked with my husband about sending it in. so he picked it up. and we haven’t stopped laughing about it, so here it is. Smack!!

Religious Education

Found this on the steps of my school just outside the religious studies block. I’m not sure if ‘Jamal’ was paying attention to the lesson.

One Didn’t Make It

This was found in a Precious Moments penmanship journal my boyfriend Robert and I found it when we were packing up his house to move out. It must belong to the family that lived there before us. Everything written inside is in Spanish and it seems to have belonged to a little girl. This was … Continued