I found this while walking along the side of the road. It made me wonder why it was lying in the grass on the side of the road, as opposed to on some parents’ refrigerator.


I saw this on the bathroom wall of the arts department. I have never heard anyone say “hella” until I came to this school and met Nor Cal people.

Happy Monkey

I was wiping down tables at the coffee shop and found this note on the window ledge nearby. There are a number of couples and blind dates that meet at our shop. I guess romance is not dead, just left behind sometimes.

Be a Good Girl

I found this at a corridor in the grade school building of our school. It seems to be a draft for a drawing for Christian Living class. The fire seems to represent Hell or the Devil. When I looked closely, there was an erased figure of an evil creature.

Flameing Sowerd of Darkness

I was having a particularly bad morning – got up late, got toothpaste all over the front of my shirt, etc, etc… I was running through the park in the rain and I passed by a note on the ground. I decided to turn back to go see what it was and I found this … Continued

Ancient VIVI Nashmare

Found on the floor in hallway at school. Did the artist mean Ancient Vivid Nightmare? See how he erased “Nashmare”? Maybe thought he should check the spelling first.

Sorry For What?

While looking for a new place to rent in Angelino Heights, I found this comic drawn on the back of an old receipt.

Simple Map

I found this last weekend at Foodlife right by the pizza stand. I like the Jag image a lot.

Pizza Warfare

I found this taped up on the wall at work several years ago.