I found this while browsing through the book section of a thrift store. I love that the artist added fangs to the sun.

More Justice

Here is the rest of the journal.

Death By Lime Jello

I think someone found it before me and added their own thoughts in black ink.

I Hav Kile You

I picked up this diary in the children’s section of a thrift store. In the first page of this comic, the raccoon tells the other guy that his lunch is yucky. Apparently, the other guy really knew how to defend his lunch.

Teddy Bear Transformer

I found this drawing under a desk one day as I was cleaning. On the front was a seemingly innocent teddy bear.

Hats and Anarchy

I found this on a line #75 bus seat on the TriMet Bus. Made me chuckle.

R.I.P. Mitts

One of my students found this tucked inside a 12th grade English textbook entitled “Adventures in Literature.”

Rocket Cat

This is one of my favorite random finds, and I’m glad I now have the opportunity to share it with the world. I work at a small town police department and noticed this gem sitting around. I snatched it as soon as a saw it and now it hangs proudly on my refrigerator. I can’t … Continued