Have Mercy

My next door neighbor just moved out, leaving a dozen large-sized pizza boxes in the recycling. I was flattening them to make more room in the bin, and found this between the top two. He was the squarest man I’ve ever met, and I can’t believe he ever played ANY Bowie album, good or bad. … Continued

Gangster Life

Found this on the floor by the trash in my high school.


I found this in my high school class room. I’d venture a guess that Native American literature was not on the creator’s mind.

Mr. Curls

I found this drawing after I walked my boyfriend home from his football practice, I was heading back to my high school for a performance my friends were in. My boyfriend would’ve been there with me but he’s grounded so he couldn’t go. If he wasn’t grounded then I wouldn’t have found this picture anyways, … Continued

Get Zack to Buy Some

This was found sitting under a desk at the local community college.

Bush Baby

I work at a medical school and I found this gem on my way out of the main entrance to the college. After a long day at work, it definitely made me giggle!

Cute Boy

This was folded, on the floor, beside a recycling bin in a classroom. I miss passing notes.

Chef Cool Boy

I found this doodle littering a Boston red line subway train. I only hope that this guy actually exists somewhere.

Ex Best Friend

I found this on the ground outside of my old elementary school. Girls will be girls.