I found this a while back in the parking lot of a Lowe’s Home Improvement warehouse.

Perfect Reader

Cute little drawing and note that I found at the city dumps.

Tortilla Fight

I found this in a book of film criticism on Woody Allen.

Your Biggest Fan

My co-worker and I found this on the beach the other day. Don’t worry, we’re mailing the letter to Miss Montana as soon as possible.

I’m Not Too Fat to Fly

Found at a girls’ high school wedged under a table. Very cute, chubby bird flying amongst clouds… and the wonderful one-liner “have a nice life.”

Robot Deity

The robots deserve some saving.

Blue Hamster

It never got mailed. Forty years later, found in a side pocket of a second-hand old Samsonite suitcase.


Found this in the top dresser drawer of a cabin we rented. I have it framed. We love Simone the paraplegic dog.


I found this in a scrapbook consigned to me for on-line sale. There were a few other similar sketches, none as provocative as this one. From the book, it’s a middle school girl who executed it.

The Family Portait

I found this by a computer in a college library. This seems like the inaccurate stereotype that people have about Arkansas.