Found this in the top dresser drawer of a cabin we rented. I have it framed. We love Simone the paraplegic dog.


I found this in a scrapbook consigned to me for on-line sale. There were a few other similar sketches, none as provocative as this one. From the book, it’s a middle school girl who executed it.

The Family Portait

I found this by a computer in a college library. This seems like the inaccurate stereotype that people have about Arkansas.


I found this outside a 4th grade classroom. I dig the front and end exclamation points.

Bam Bam the Beaver

I found this laying on Maine Street as I was getting out of my car one morning in. I though it was so cute that it’s been on my fridge ever since!


Found on the #77 eastbound Belmont bus on a Wednesday evening.

Kung-Fu Possum

I found this in an academic building at my college during a training session. It was crumpled up in a ball on the floor.

Big Plans

I still worry about this poor cat every day. Something tells me this kid has plenty of big plans — this is neither the first nor the last of them.