Mohawk Windmill

I found this photocopy stapled to a bench at my local community college. I really like the second astronaut at the top- he just looks so optimistic.


Whenever I find a discarded spiral notebook with unused paper in it, I save it for students who don’t bring paper to class. Sometimes these spiral notebooks have some interesting stuff in them. This drawing is one. I’m not a science teacher, but the shape of this guy reminds me of what I remember about … Continued

Dear Tooth Farey

I found this while going through old papers.

The Hottest

I found this under one of the desks in my high school English class.

Pain Causer!

I found this in the cream cake section of the supermarket.

Dom and Dan

Found in a pile of used books at a street sale, this appears to be a page from a hymnal book.


I found this on a telephone pole near my house. It is someone’s creative response to Pay As You Throw trash bags (anything the city’s residents don’t recycle is required to be thrown away in expensive PAYT bags). It is a solution for getting rid of raccoons and not having to pay for the dumb … Continued

Toasty Needs!

I hope this persons toasty needs were met!

Married Life

Found this treasure in the lunch room.

Now What?

I found this while bar-hopping downtown one night and, given my condition, thought it was deeply perplexing.