It appears to be a picture of my boyfriend and I as punks. Details like his name and rolling backpack (which lived in infamy on campus for the loud noises it made against the pavement) mean this was drawn by someone who knew us, and may even have been left by the desk for me … Continued

Fat Lip

The best thing about living in a city with a huge art school are the finds.

Mullet Baby

I found this on the Boston University campus.


I found this while browsing through the book section of a thrift store. I love that the artist added fangs to the sun.

More Justice

Here is the rest of the journal.

Death By Lime Jello

I think someone found it before me and added their own thoughts in black ink.

I Hav Kile You

I picked up this diary in the children’s section of a thrift store. In the first page of this comic, the raccoon tells the other guy that his lunch is yucky. Apparently, the other guy really knew how to defend his lunch.

Teddy Bear Transformer

I found this drawing under a desk one day as I was cleaning. On the front was a seemingly innocent teddy bear.