Brave Kid

I work in a physiotherapy clinic and found this in the kids’ corner. It broke my heart.


Randomness at its best.

The Black Ace

I always got a kick out of this one. Found at the back of an old school text of Twelfth Night. Nice to know kids wasted time doodling back then, just like we do now.

What I Want for Christmas

This fell out of a book I picked up at the public library. The wish list was tucked inside of a thank you note for some other Christmas presents. She certainly put her request in early (or really late) for Christmas. The thank you note was mailed in 1971 and I wonder if she ever … Continued

Go Team!

I was cleaning up after a party and found this on a table.

In This Land of Sun and Fun

This item was stuck inside a children’s book which was mixed in with other books donated to us at the Prison Book Project (a non-profit cooperative that mails donated books to inmates in the US). I presumed it was something brought home from summer camp & was made useful as a bookmark.

Dragon Yard Sale

You’d better buy something or you will either get suffocated by a giant snake or burn to death. Either way, bad. You’d better buy something.

It’s All Yours

I found this on someone’s front lawn today. At first I thought it said, “It’s all you,” and then I read more and realized that it must have been some sort of sign a child made for a free giveaway of unwanted stuff…There is an elementary school across the street. I like the “No Momey” … Continued