Peacemaker and Masturbation

I was walking in West Philadelphia when I found a bunch of books on the street to be disposed of. They were old, mostly from the 70′s, so I was intrigued. I picked up two and when I got home to look at them this fell out. The name of the book it fell out … Continued

Dunut Recipe

Looks like the start to a good plan.

Pick-up Lines

I found this at my school wedged between my desk.


I found this in a fast food parking lot. The thing about “not being dead” in the pro side pretty much speaks for itself.

Monkey Brain Bomb

I found this at the used book store where I work. We find cool stuff all the time but this is probably my favorite. Hmm, maybe I’ll start a magazine with all the stuff I find in used books. Nah, it’d never fly.

Girls in Red

Found this on the subway. Multiple authors for this screenplay? Homework? I can’t help but think they are good kids though.

The Pickle Industry Conspiracy

This fell out of a random book at Housing Works Bookstore. It’s written on party rental store stationary, so clearly someone is looking for his big break. I hope this wasn’t the only copy.