Pull the Cord to Exit

When I was twelve me and my friends would play around our church. It was built in 1910 and has tons of basements and boiler rooms and such, and was used for a bomb shelter at some point. Me and my friends were playing in the sacristy (where the priests gets ready) and behind a … Continued

Aw Yeah

I found this on my street as I was walking to the rail. It was early in the morning. Certainly an amusing way to start my day.

You Think You’re Ugly But You’re Not

I moved a year and a half ago and finally got around to unpacking my box of finds. I’ve been trying to add but since I moved I haven’t found much of anything good. I live on a golf course now and I guess doctors and lawyers don’t drop much stuff, although I did find … Continued

Happy Halloween

This jewel was found in 1997 in our friends’ (Angie and Kendall) front yard in Houston. We love this so much.