Beautiful Day for Fish

He looks very content with where he is in life right now; it’s wonderful to see that. I also love that every thing seems to be one shade of blue or another… his shirt, pants, the water, his hat, the sky.

NOT the Father

I was visiting my brother at his apartment and when I got ready to leave this was under my wiper blade. The truck I drive is a very popular model and color, so she obviously picked the wrong one. My brother does not know anyone in his complex named in the note.

Guy I Want

I was working gown pickup at graduation at the University of Houston and I found this note on the back of a gown receipt on a bench after the ceremony. Looks like she was ready to start her life out right with drugs and cuddles.

Parking Spot

My friend found this note in the parking lot at the University of Houston. Ho! Ho! Ho!

Rard Sale

Found in the Montrose neighborhood. Take note of the carefully-measured lines drawn for character placement.

Save Me!

My first find, discovered in the University of Houston-Clear Lake parking lot. Looks like it’s been run over a few times, but you can still make out a terrified look on the kid’s face.

Carl Sagan, Where Are You When We Need You?

I found this sheet lying in front of a World Market store in the Galleria section of town, where the rich go to shop (I was just passing through on my way to visit the Tom Delay Museum and Barber College in Sugarland), and apparently their children go to bomb science class.

Aw Yeah

I found this on my street as I was walking to the rail. It was early in the morning. Certainly an amusing way to start my day.

You Think You’re Ugly But You’re Not

I moved a year and a half ago and finally got around to unpacking my box of finds. I’ve been trying to add but since I moved I haven’t found much of anything good. I live on a golf course now and I guess doctors and lawyers don’t drop much stuff, although I did find … Continued

Happy Halloween

This jewel was found in 1997 in our friends’ (Angie and Kendall) front yard in Houston. We love this so much.