I Am in Great Peril


FOUND by Leslie DeHaven in New Orleans, Louisiana

I was at a party last night up on the roof top of the Ritz Carlton on Canal Street last night. My friends and I decided to hit the lounge bar on the 3rd floor. So, we took the elevator down to the 3rd floor and when walking to the bar there was this open entry way with this large antique desk sitting there. My friend walked around and sat down at the desk for a moment. The desk was beautiful, but I was curious if it was an actual antique or some sort of knock off. So I checked one of the drawers in the front to see if it would open and look for some marking of the craftsman. Well, the drawer did open and inside was a piece of stationary which had been folded up. I unfolded the paper and began to read the following … I found this hilarious and random as well as a little relatable. I think everyone in New Orleans whether your living there or not (which I do) has had a similar moment in time of needing the flee!

No Time to Write


FOUND by Anne Pratt in an old book

I found this postcard in an old book at a Texas Public Libraries sale. The postmark date is unreadable, but the photo caption says it’s the “newly-constructed” Tiffany Tower, which was began construction in 1977 according to Wikipedia. It says:

Having a ‘Ball’ Needless to say, no time to write. 3 am. Tell you all about it – Virginia. Well, exchange crying towels.

I’ve always wondered if she was really having a good time or not.