Camera Obscura

Walking out of my apartment, around the corner from the LA Community College, I found this dirtied folded piece of paper. Being across the street from a college, there is always paper flying everywhere. My neighbors and I have put a garbage can on the corner to try and encourage students not to litter on … Continued

Skull with Parasol

This is a picture that appears to be a Victorian-style doll with an over-sized skeleton head fitted over the original head. I work for a design firm. I found it in the bottom drawer of my desk when I first started working here. I’ve heard rumors from my co-workers that this skull head was also … Continued

Lost Love

Found lying on the sidewalk. It had been duct-taped to a pole like many others in the neighborhood. I don’t know if he ever found love again. So it goes.


I saw this note lying on the ground, and even before I picked it up I thought, “Wouldn’t it be funny if that is something I could send in to FOUND Magazine?” I put it in the console of my car and forgot about it for almost a year, and just re-found it.