The Plan

Found in the lobby of a casting facility

Anti Fourth of July

Found on the sidewalk in a photo book entitled “Anti Fourth of July.” The cover had an American flag with black duct tape replacing the red stripes.

Camera Obscura

Walking out of my apartment, around the corner from the LA Community College, I found this dirtied folded piece of paper. Being across the street from a college, there is always paper flying everywhere. My neighbors and I have put a garbage can on the corner to try and encourage students not to litter on … Continued

Skull with Parasol

This is a picture that appears to be a Victorian-style doll with an over-sized skeleton head fitted over the original head. I work for a design firm. I found it in the bottom drawer of my desk when I first started working here. I’ve heard rumors from my co-workers that this skull head was also … Continued

Lost Love

Found lying on the sidewalk. It had been duct-taped to a pole like many others in the neighborhood. I don’t know if he ever found love again. So it goes.


I saw this note lying on the ground, and even before I picked it up I thought, “Wouldn’t it be funny if that is something I could send in to FOUND Magazine?” I put it in the console of my car and forgot about it for almost a year, and just re-found it.


Walking home from the Twin Shadow After Party, I found this on the street between two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Boss Man

Found at the corner of Cahuenga and Selma