Muscle Man and Hairspray Girl


FOUND by Andy King in Sewanee, Tennessee

I was throwing frisbee golf at my alma mater a few years ago. Me and some of my friends, then in our late 20s, were drinking a few beers and having a good time reliving old memories of college. The course is idyllic with large trees shading the well kept Manigault Park. There are no baskets as in disc golf, but you throw a frisbee at a trees. Traditionally this is done barefoot. As we are rounding the 5th hole, I notice a small cut piece of paper. I pick it up out of my curious nature. I flip it over to find that it is a photgraph of an awesome snapshot of life in the early nineties. We were stunned by our good fortune. How did this relic at least fifteen years old arrive on a college campus in the middle of nowhere? Who are these people? Are they still together? We made up a back story for them based on pure conjecture. I wish I new their story.

As for now, the picture hangs behind my desk at the high school at which I teach. Every now and then a student will ask who these people are. The dialogue of the story of Muscle Man and Hairspray Girl is an every changing and reinvented one that I add to with each telling.

Hugs, Then Hands


FOUND by Emily Weakley at a children’s clinic

I found this letter while straightening up the waiting room at a children’s facility. I look at all of the patients we saw that day to see if I could find their name so we could return the letter, but we couldn’t find it. It was too cute to throw away!