Beyond the Call of Duty

Found this on my way into Schnuck’s for some groceries after class one night. It seems Danny was helping put on a dance recital.

The House Teetered

I found this unsealed (and, at the time, unstamped) thank-you note on the ground at Java Break Cafe and Cereal Bar, my favorite coffeehouse. I don’t know if the frat-bro who wrote it is a poet or not, but his note not only flowed…it almost seemed intentional–yet effortless–with its wordplay, sound repetition, and line-breakage: ‘write’…’Psi’…’provide’; … Continued

Attn: The Boss of The House

I found this beside a dumpster outside an apartment complex. It had an envelope that I lost. I have had this for almost 2 years and every time I rediscover it in a drawer or box it makes me laugh and laugh. I thought it was time to share it with the world because it … Continued

A Good Start

I found this near an elementary school– it was a great way to start my morning.

She’s a Regular

I found this nowhere near a bar. But I still think I’d like Donna to be my wing-man.


I found this trampled and weather worn note on Eastlake Avenue on my way home from a friend’s house one night. It seems so earnest and helpful– like the kid who wrote it was concerned for the neighborhood’s safety.

Straight Disadvantage

I found this inside an art book (having to do with the use of color) I purchased at the Half Price Books.

Ducks Very Limited

While driving in early December, I hit a duck. It was either hit the duck or cause a multiple-car accident. The duck was flying one foot above the ground, looking disoriented. Plus, I think it was selling drugs to kids. But usually when you hit an animal, the animal does not attach itself to the … Continued