Through the Lion’s Head


FOUND by Pegasus in Wiesbaden, Germany

I found this letter inside a used book that I bought in Germany (the books is English). The letter is obviously a final contact prior to an inevitable parting ways between Leo and Josh. You can almost feel Leonard’s hope and anguish in every sentence. I really felt sad for Leonard. I did wonder why he typed the letter (from the looks of it on the manual typewriter) instead of writing it long hand. I am also left wondering about his thought process in choosing this particular title to include as a gift with the letter: “Dungeon, Fire and Sword”, a history of the Templar Knights during the crusades. I would have thought poetry might have been a better choice. Finally, since there is a reference to Bastille Day, perhaps Josh was French. Does that mean the book traveled from New York to Germany by way of France?