Our Youngest Boy In Our Family

These notes were posted on telephone poles around my corner – I left this one there for three months before grabbing it.

I Hope You Miss Me

I found this in a used photo album at a Goodwill store a few years ago. It now lives on my fridge – guests are always commenting on it.

In Hevan

A friend of mine flies a Paramotor, and one day during an outing a balloon floated into the air with a note tied to the end of the string. My friend went over, grabbed the balloon and rescued the note.

Death and Smiles

Obviously a rough night … who was Hattie? What (or who) is GH? Are the blotches tears? What struck me most about this note is the smiley face at the end … maybe hope that things will get better?


This was found in Philadelphia on the sidewalk on the 1400 block of Lombard St in June, 2004. I found it terribly amusing in that “the information you shared with me will remain confidential and will not bee seen or read by anyone but myself,” but I found it folded in quarters and laying on … Continued

From Memory

I found this in the kid’s area when packing up at the end of a Buddhist Retreat at Camp Copeniconic in September of 2000.