Hello Cody


FOUND by Joe in Albany, Oregon

These three pages from a Hello, Kitty sticky pad fell from a book that my girlfriend was browsing at Goodwill. Neither of us can recall what the book was. We think there are three interwoven layers here – first, the obsessive “I love Cody/Cody is Cute/Cody is Funny” repetitive text, then the furious counter-offensive “I HATE CODY/HE’S UGLY/HE is Not Funny” text. We think the “He is retarded” was likely added by a compassionate friend – and finally, “So long ago” kind of sums up the whole middle school “Hello Kitty” love/hate thing. Whatever the case may be, if I were Cody, I’d watch my back. Whoever wrote this has a black pen, and he or she is not afraid to use it.

We’ve spent a remarkable amount of time thinking about this.