Paths Far Apart


FOUND by Justin Tyler in Denver, Colorado

I found this in the back of a journal I was flipping threw in an ARC thrift store just outside of Denver. It blows my mind that this heart-to-heart letter sat unread and untouched for almost 30 years. It might have been a rough draft, but the journal I found it in had no other pages torn out that I could see and nothing else was written in it. Why it never made it to Lisa I guess is up for speculation. Thank you Jon, Now your letter was’ent written in vain.

Good Bye


FOUND by Anne McLaughlin in Atlanta, Georgia

I found this while hiking on my birthday this year. It was tucked carefully beneath a fallen tree on a little-used path which emptied into a clearing of wildflowers The handwriting appears feminine, but to what or whom she says goodbye to is left to the imagination.