Financial Escape Plan

I found this note folded up as I was watering the plants in the yard. I would love to know how this story continues.


This was found on the doorstep of my wife’s office.

Feed Cats

I found this in a station wagon I bought. I think the previous owner has a young daughter. She seems quite organized.

Feelings and Thoughts

While walking with a friend who was having a particularly bad day, we found this in a parking lot between a high school and a strip club. It made her feel a bit better to see that some people had it worse than she did.


Our library accepts books from people, which they in turn sell to patrons for a fund-raising program. This note was found inside a book about sinus health.


I found this in the lift at the Royal Bank of Scotland building. For some reason it is the mention of “picking up a bench” that makes me laugh.

Dump Adam

Found this stuck to a page in the middle of a used book.


Found this in my dorm. I’m really not sure what it means, but I love that it’s on an apple Post-it.