Always With Love, Dad

This was in a library book I checked out the other day. I’ve come across papers that others have left in books before, but none this poignant. I hope he’s OK.

Big Trust

I found this in the stairwell of my apartment building.

Quit Smoking Pot

My boyfriend and I were at an open house, and while we were exploring the attic, we found this to-do list taped to the door. We immediately snapped a picture. I can only imagine the trouble this kid has gotten himself into!

Life, Living of

I found a spiral-bound book of index cards sometime in 1983. This card was the first page in the book. It’s clear the writer didn’t follow his or her own advice, as the rest of the cards were blank, and the book was eventually discarded. I like to imagine a situation where the writer would … Continued


I found this on the street near where I live. I admire Sarah’s initiative and I hope she is doing well.

Financial Escape Plan

I found this note folded up as I was watering the plants in the yard. I would love to know how this story continues.


This was found on the doorstep of my wife’s office.

Feed Cats

I found this in a station wagon I bought. I think the previous owner has a young daughter. She seems quite organized.