Blacklight List

I found this on the floor by the sinks in the girls bathroom at my high school. Sounds like fun? On the back it includes “927.84XX LED -The Lizard King (crossed out) KER – On the Road JOY – Jeemes Eoyce DUN -Say you love satan KOE – Stoner & Spaz.”

Apple For The Teacher

I found the attached on the inside of the book called “Fingerpainting on the Moon” by Peter Levitt – a book about creativity! It was so sweet and loving, I find myself going back to it to remind myself.

Buy Jewelry

Found taped to a stop sign while I was riding my bike through the neighborhood. Most likely not actually a memo from the wife, as the handwriting indicates otherwise. I guess some kids thought they’d post a memo to unappreciative husbands everywhere. Maybe interfamilial memos are the way to go.

Birthday Greetings

I found this among our twin sons’ 10th birthday detritus. Okay, so Conor’s not perfect, but does Ramon have to be so honest about it?


Found in the drawer of a bookshelf of a closing bookstore. She seems to love her presents.

Spandex for Xmas

This was in a box of letters, photos, postcards and other items, abandoned in the attic by the prior owners of the house my brother bought recently.

Touch You

The book this was FOUND in looked like it hadn’t been read; sad to think Matt didn’t reach Colin the way he had hoped to.

Give What You Want

I found this carefully-torn piece of lined paper on a hospital floor. I suspect the writer made a number of these, one for each of the shuffleboard gang, like tickets.