Do Not Eat Sousage

I found this on the floor in the supermarket I work in. At first I thought it was a grocery list, but obviously it’s not.

In Heat

I was walking by the bus stop curb by Tate Center at UGA.

Mary’s Danish

I stumbled across this gem while doing a clean up job for a friend of mine on a rental property of his, apparently left at some point over the years by a previous tenant. Possibly a friend of the man in the middle of the photo? I recognize Matt Cameron and Chris Cornell from Soundgarden. … Continued

17 Men, 1 Woman

Found near a dumpster on 9th Street next to the studio I work at. The photograph was found along with a 1983 University of Missouri Savitar yearbook and a small baseball trophy engraved “Beverdale Intermediate Champs-1970″.


Found this in the Cabbagetown Festival garage sale. Remarkable expression on the woman! Someone else was intrigued by this photo, I guess, since it was gone when I went back.

Bless There Soul

I found this near the scanner in my school newspaper’s room. I don’t know what context it’s in, but I love the misspellings, all those ellipses, and the random trace of someone’s hand.

Dean for America

Found this in the parking lot of a local movie theater. Howard Dean, #1…on the keys.

The Mustachioed

One of many great finds from communal scanning beds. This one is from an art college computer lab. I can’t make out what is in the hand of the second guy. The aesthetics are so derivitave of Havana, or how Havana is portrayed, that it almost feels produced or costumed.

Crazie Phychos

My roommate and I were walking to the corner store on a rainy Saturday morning, and we found this lying on the sidewalk. I can only assume that the writer and the recipient are BOTH psychos.