Beware of Gremlins

Found on the last stall of the Ladies’ restroom at a wedding.

Playing Favorites

My roomate found this on the side of the road in a box along with many other pieces of art. Reads “I love you Mommy, but I do not like you Daddy. You may be wondering where Bobby is now.”

I Want a Dog!

I found this when I moved houses and thought it was the cutest thing I had ever seen.

Wal-Mart TV

So I get home the other day and find this note in an envelope on my front door. I work from home during the day and leave the blinds open in the front of the house to let light in.

Exodus 20:16

Found this in the neighborhood while walking my dog. It has the name “Hutchie” written on the back, along with a date, partial phone number, and “Exodus 20:16.”


I found this while browsing through the book section of a thrift store. I love that the artist added fangs to the sun.

Ross the Boss

I work in a tattoo shop that is closed on Sundays and Mondays. One Tuesday morning, I arrived at work early to find this note folded into a “paper football” and wedged underneath our door. We never found out who left us the note but I held onto it ever since. The end of the … Continued

Spooky the Window

From a roll of 1950s film developed this year. This is the only photo that came out, even a little bit.

Killer Rabbit

Was moving furniture out of a deceased woman’s condo and found this card. It appears to be a copy of a child’s drawing made into a homemade card of some sort.