I Want a Dog!

I found this when I moved houses and thought it was the cutest thing I had ever seen.

Wal-Mart TV

So I get home the other day and find this note in an envelope on my front door. I work from home during the day and leave the blinds open in the front of the house to let light in.

Exodus 20:16

Found this in the neighborhood while walking my dog. It has the name “Hutchie” written on the back, along with a date, partial phone number, and “Exodus 20:16.”


I found this while browsing through the book section of a thrift store. I love that the artist added fangs to the sun.

Ross the Boss

I work in a tattoo shop that is closed on Sundays and Mondays. One Tuesday morning, I arrived at work early to find this note folded into a “paper football” and wedged underneath our door. We never found out who left us the note but I held onto it ever since. The end of the … Continued

Spooky the Window

From a roll of 1950s film developed this year. This is the only photo that came out, even a little bit.

Killer Rabbit

Was moving furniture out of a deceased woman’s condo and found this card. It appears to be a copy of a child’s drawing made into a homemade card of some sort.

Bad Break-up

Found at Kroger. Picked it up right after a lady left it on a shelf.

Before and After

This was found in a book at a thrift store. It was in a book where you put images from your home over time. The book was dated from the 1980s. These were the only three images pasted in on the front page. It said “Before” and “After” written on the page of the book … Continued