A Nice Home

Stuck between the seat cushions at The Majestic Diner.

Dear Granny

I moved into a new place and found this note under the refrigerator. It immediately made me laugh and has been hanging on the same fridge for months. It reminds me of a situation all of us have been in as kids- better fess up or everyone is going to get punished!

I Would Love to

Found this in a Billy Preston album at Wuxtry Records.

Cowboy Eyes

Found on a pay phone next to a photo booth in the front of a Kmart.

So Forget It

This was found in a photography book I purchased at a thrift store in the small country town I live in.

In Hevan

A friend of mine flies a Paramotor, and one day during an outing a balloon floated into the air with a note tied to the end of the string. My friend went over, grabbed the balloon and rescued the note.

Take Me

Found in a Tybee Island dumpster. Message on back says “Take me to your leader.”

The Bacon

I found this inside a book in my school’s library.

Headphones Lady

I found this slide with several others in a projector box at a Goodwill store several years ago.

A Proud Moment

I found this on the curb behind a house whose contents were being liquidated after the owner’s death. This color xerox, sloppily scissored and pasted onto a plain white sheet of paper, then tagged with a pre-printed caption, seemed like such a mix of forethought and complete carelessness I had to wonder who made it, … Continued