Here’s the Deal-e-o

I found this on the floor in the grocery store I work at on Valentine’s day.

You Stupied Trick

I found this near the I-20 overpass in the Grant Park neighborhood while I was walking to the train station to go to work. There is a middle school nearby.

Do Not Eat Sousage

I found this on the floor in the supermarket I work in. At first I thought it was a grocery list, but obviously it’s not.

In Heat

I was walking by the bus stop curb by Tate Center at UGA.

Mary’s Danish

I stumbled across this gem while doing a clean up job for a friend of mine on a rental property of his, apparently left at some point over the years by a previous tenant. Possibly a friend of the man in the middle of the photo? I recognize Matt Cameron and Chris Cornell from Soundgarden. … Continued

17 Men, 1 Woman

Found near a dumpster on 9th Street next to the studio I work at. The photograph was found along with a 1983 University of Missouri Savitar yearbook and a small baseball trophy engraved “Beverdale Intermediate Champs-1970″.


Found this in the Cabbagetown Festival garage sale. Remarkable expression on the woman! Someone else was intrigued by this photo, I guess, since it was gone when I went back.

Bless There Soul

I found this near the scanner in my school newspaper’s room. I don’t know what context it’s in, but I love the misspellings, all those ellipses, and the random trace of someone’s hand.

Dean for America

Found this in the parking lot of a local movie theater. Howard Dean, #1…on the keys.