I Hate Art

This is from a tiny diary I found in my backyard.

Nothing Better

I found this on the steps of Mitchell Hall at UWM leaving class one day. I love a well-titled list!

The Polite Vamp

While walking into my local purveyor of finely crafted crap from China, I spied the word “blood” on a piece of paper in the parking lot. Thinking it was someone’s Christmas shopping list, I picked it up…


I found this backstage in my school theatre before one of my performances one night. I bet they were amazing.

Ahoy Pastafarians!

I found this on a table in the student union at my college. I wasn’t eating pasta, but it sure made me want some. On the back is a graph showing the decilne of pirates and the increase of incliment weather. Still tasty though.

Turn Down For What

Found this while walking to the store. It was lying by the sidewalk, across the street from a well-known (and LOUD) party house, at the intersection of Fuller & Fulton. Having just discovered your website a few days ago, I was pleased with this find. I’m scanning the ground like a dork every time I … Continued

Air Condom

Forced off my bike by a puncture and promptly found this lying in a puddle on the pavement.