Oh, Great

I found this by a computer in a college library.


Out walking dog and noticed this small scrap of paper blowing and tumbling along the sidewalk.

Big Van

This appears to be a homework assignment or a class exercise. Not sure what questions 3 & 4 would be.

Advice for Dad

I found this in a book entitled “Violence and the Sacred;” I’m not sure if that makes the note funnier or not. As a dad myself, I think the advice is pretty astute, though.


This was folded, taped and addressed to Matthew. We think it might be from a church camp gathering. I love the choice of note paper.

Falstad the Science Dragon

I am a student assistant in the library and often come accross random notes. This one was just too awesome to not send.

It Was a Good Day

I found this in the hallways of my high school two years ago.

Surfin’ Goat

Found taped to a door in my apartment complex.

Oh, Hell No!

Found crumpled outside of a school just floating in the wind.

Snake Surprise

My friend Rachel found this several years ago at our former school and showed it to me back then. A few days ago I remembered it and asked her if she still had it.