Satan’s Taquitoes

Found this on the street in front of my work. It has some Christmas tape on it that maybe held it to the toaster oven in question. Not sure how hot Satan’s crotch is. I don’t think I want to find out.

If You Have a Secret

I found this folded into an impossibly small square in the gutter in front of our local paper’s office.

Freestyle/Moe Phoned

I found this note in a snow bank outside my friend’s apartment building. This obviously needs to be read by someone other than myself!

Chinese John Lennon

I hope Chinese John Lennon can find a way to take the ferry to Hamilton Ontario, otherwise Paul Ming will have to break up the band and form Chinese Wing.

Quick Stop

I found this on New Year’s Eve (on a quick run in to get something) at… Wal-Mart.

Behind The Curtain

I found this photograph along with a number of others dumped beside a construction fence I passed on my way to my morning run around Lake Merritt. This one stood out as particularly mysterious. I feel like the girl’s gesture is part “come hither”, part “fuck you” and part “ooh, money”. But WHAT is the … Continued

Cockney Christmas Wishes

This blew into my feet on Walton Street in Oxford, England, in mid-June, which is an odd time of year to see a wayward letter to Santa. What I like about it is I can only make out half of what this kid has written, because I’m an American Midwesterner and this is proper colloquial … Continued

You are an incapable…or a hands job…

This note was clearly referred to someone incapable of doing something…however it’s quite fanny the fact that “pippa” has another meaning that could definitely change the meaning of the note…being that hands job.