Dance Club Only

This note was found at Virginia Tech outside of a professor’s office one afternoon. This professor likes to listen to techno, so I found the note to be particularly fitting.


Found on the sidewalk on my way to class, this seems to show several older persons in a basement “getting their groove on,” as it were.

Clean Friends Only

I found this in front of my house. Unfortunately, a day too late for the party!

Once More to the Lake

I got an old slide projector from an even older man. He bought the projector at a garage sale many years ago and it came with a few slides.

Cover for Tools

One night while closing a local coffee shop in small-town Minnesota, I found this sheet of paper on top of the toilet in our bathroom. I hope the party was as good as they hoped and no one over 30 came.


I found this on the street in the late seventies. There are shoeprints on the back. My guess is they’re sisters.

Kamikaze Waterslide

I was looking through the children’s book section of a thrift store and this fell out of a Funk and Wagnall’s children’s encyclopedia. I have no idea which waterslide it could have been taken at– there are palm trees in the background so I don’t think it’s the one around here.

Girls Night Out

I found this pic in an envelope of lost/forgotten/abandoned pictures we keep behind the counter at the drug store where I work. The date on the back says “30JUN00″. I’ve always liked this photo because there is fun and movement there. You get the sense it’s Friday night and the party has just started.

Just for Fun

Found this in a patch of cattails that my dog was playing like a crazy thing in. I wonder where the dog got the crayons.

Headphones Lady

I found this slide with several others in a projector box at a Goodwill store several years ago.