See You in Future

I found this letter (assumedly written by an international student) tucked in an anthology of Holocaust literature at my college library.

Hello Sunshine

A few years ago I had just moved into an apartment. One day I came home to find this on my front door – no idea who it’s from or what it means. The creepiest part is that whomever it was had apparently hung around for a while before posting it. That, and the strange … Continued

It’s Like Table Tennis

I was just sitting, waiting to get my passport info turned in, so I sat on the floor and was knitting. The note was stuck to my knitting back along with some dusty stuff… I thought it was very interesting… but who the hell is Stacie?

Just Because

We were in the area for the day and found this on the curb while walking under a highway overpass.


I was walking to the el in Rogers Park and saw this bubbly-lettered, girl-handwriting note just sitting on the sidewalk.

BJ from the Blone

On a recent Monday morning, as I groggily headed out the door for work and approached my vehicle, I noted a scrap of paper lying next to the front left tire. Although I don’t quite understand what the note-writer “needed” from Brian, I suppose it’s a plea for some kind of drug. Sad I guess, … Continued

The Dangers Of Not Smoking

I’ve had this for awhile and not sure where I found it. I like the fact that the P.S. is in different ink, which means Patty added the obesity reference some time after the original note was written.

The Grand Finale

Found this while doing roomchecks in the residences of Acadia University. A band camp had been staying in the dorms for a week, and I discovered this note in one of the rooms from a girls’ mother.