’51 Friends

I buy distressed houses found this within one built in the ’60s. Not the one pictured here obviously.

Girl Group on the F Train

Found this lovely photo on a Brooklyn-bound F train and would love to find its owner. An astute observer noticed that the young women were arranged from happiest-looking to least-happy-looking.

Frustrated Virgin Needs an FTF

This note was found at a high school nestled at the top of a garbage can. If it isn’t golden I don’t know what is. Cute little cartoons and drawing decorate this seemingly innocent note. Innocent, that is, until we read on a bit and discover this innocent young lady needs an FTF!

Playing with Matches?

I found this photo at a garage sale from a guy who said he used to work at a photo lab and would occasionally print doubles of crazy pictures that came through. This was his favorite photo he ever copied. It raises a lot of questions.

Jail Time Blues

I was digging through the discount record section at Sound Exchange in Houston, TX when my thumbs came across an old vintage vinyl copy of “Frampton Comes Alive” by Peter Frampton. I opened the gatefold, admired the art, and then when I went to pull the record out I noticed a folded up note inside. … Continued

The Freshest Breath

Found this in the Pentagon, where I work. Looks like someone sent a care package to an airman who clearly deployed with his sense of humor.

The Drug War in Mexico

Found this in a self-help book (coincidently not about Mexico or drugs) in a free community library by my house. I hope Demetria finds all that she wants and more.

Electric Portrait

Tire tracks all across your back, I can see you’ve had your fun! Found this amazingly deteriorated studio portrait on a street near my apartment. No info on the back. No idea how much time it’d spent in Nature’s Photoshop but I was struck by the artful decay of the whole image. It’s four females, … Continued

Future Lawyers of America

I found this in a book that was donated to our library by one of the professors in the law school. The image is date-stamped December, 1976, on the back. it was just too good to toss and now hangs on my fridge.