Baby Blues

Polaroid of baby with headphones from November of 1966 that I found in a thrift store.

So Forget It

This was found in a photography book I purchased at a thrift store in the small country town I live in.


Found inside of an otherwise empty photo album for sale at a thrift store downtown. Snagged it.

But I Like Nancy

I found this index card in a used book I picked up at Value Village.

Words Running Short

Found in the used books section at the Gordy Plaza Goodwill near Wilmington. Just what does “fening for a cigarette” mean? Val, honey, you can do better.

Headphones Lady

I found this slide with several others in a projector box at a Goodwill store several years ago.

Pulling for Me

I found this card inside a paperback copy of “The Thorn Birds” by Colleen McCullough that I purchased in a thrift store. These are the two inside pages.

Touch You

The book this was FOUND in looked like it hadn’t been read; sad to think Matt didn’t reach Colin the way he had hoped to.


This bookmark was found in a Noam Chomsky Reader at the Goodwill where I work.