Sink or Swim

I found this note stuffed into a vase at a thrift store.

Busy Beatniks

This was found inside a book purchased from a local thrift store. I cannot pin down the year the photo was taken. From the typewriter, my guess would be in the ’60s? And there’s an old speaker or radio on the shelf in the background. I wonder what these two youths are working on so … Continued

Baby Blues

Polaroid of baby with headphones from November of 1966 that I found in a thrift store.

Evone’s XMAS List

I was in a thrift store when I found this (though the stationary is from Amarillo, Texas). It’s kind of a random list. She lists cologne, bath powder, night gowns and the phone in her bedroom, but then random Willie Nelson 8-track tapes are mentioned, as well as a fountain for the back yard. Kinky … Continued

Above Ground

I found this page in a diary in a thrift store.

So Forget It

This was found in a photography book I purchased at a thrift store in the small country town I live in.


Found inside of an otherwise empty photo album for sale at a thrift store downtown. Snagged it.

But I Like Nancy

I found this index card in a used book I picked up at Value Village.

Words Running Short

Found in the used books section at the Gordy Plaza Goodwill near Wilmington. Just what does “fening for a cigarette” mean? Val, honey, you can do better.