Warning Future Adam

I found this whilst working at the Salvation Army, on the backside is a treasure map I was never able to decipher.

The Giant Flower

I found a roll of undeveloped film at a local thrift store and got it developed. The photos on the roll were from a couple’s trip to Universal Studios.

Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park does exist? I found an undeveloped roll of film in a camera at a thrift store. I got the film developed and this was one of the photos.

The Two Treasures

I found this wedged in a book at a thrift store. The nice counter guy let me have it for free, as they usually pitch personal photos.

Face Eater

I collect found photos. This one was in a bin at a cool thrift store called Qcumbers. I was awed by the passion in this couple’s kiss– it feels both aggressive and touching. We think of our grandparents’ generation was boring and conservative, but they too were young once and had lives with love, passion, … Continued

Photos of Silly Faces

I love scouring thrift stores for odd and retro/vintage items and I liked this old photo album that was titled, “Photos of Silly Faces.”

A Bowl of Soup

Found on an exposed roll of film inside a Brownie camera at a Goodwill around 1975 or ’76.

Sink or Swim

I found this note stuffed into a vase at a thrift store.

Busy Beatniks

This was found inside a book purchased from a local thrift store. I cannot pin down the year the photo was taken. From the typewriter, my guess would be in the ’60s? And there’s an old speaker or radio on the shelf in the background. I wonder what these two youths are working on so … Continued

Baby Blues

Polaroid of baby with headphones from November of 1966 that I found in a thrift store.