What the…?

Found this in a vintage store.

Thrift Store Camera

I found a disposable camera at the Salvation Army and got the thing developed! I think the one of the couple is cute. I imagine they picked up the camera and took a selfie! There is a weird one that looks like a finger or.. something else…

Gun Child

I volunteer at a thrift store on the weekends and while sifting through a box of junk in the back room, I found this picture sandwiched between some odds and ends. The date on the back says 1973. It now belongs to my friend Clint who proudly has it framed and hanging on his bedroom … Continued

Damaged Heart

Found in a box full of fire damaged goods donated to Goodwill. In 1992, there was a fire at my apartment. Everything was damaged, and I gave it all to Goodwill to see if they could salvage anything. Years later, in 1999, after going through four peoples’ hands, a friend of mine showed me this … Continued

I Hope You Miss Me

I found this in a used photo album at a Goodwill store a few years ago. It now lives on my fridge – guests are always commenting on it.

Las Vegas To-Do List

Found inside of a copy of the book “Bunny Tales, Behind Closed Doors at the Playboy Mansion” by Izabella St. James.


I found this at the Salvation Army near Junction and Michigan Avenues. Life is a charming thing.

Family Bible

“I was not at home when my wife received a call from a woman named Carmen from Sydney Forks, Nova Scotia. She said she was shopping at Value Village she noticed a clerk was putting an old bible on the shelf. She looked at the bible and decided to purchase it. It was a thick … Continued