Damaged Heart

Found in a box full of fire damaged goods donated to Goodwill. In 1992, there was a fire at my apartment. Everything was damaged, and I gave it all to Goodwill to see if they could salvage anything. Years later, in 1999, after going through four peoples’ hands, a friend of mine showed me this … Continued

I Hope You Miss Me

I found this in a used photo album at a Goodwill store a few years ago. It now lives on my fridge – guests are always commenting on it.

Las Vegas To-Do List

Found inside of a copy of the book “Bunny Tales, Behind Closed Doors at the Playboy Mansion” by Izabella St. James.


I found this at the Salvation Army near Junction and Michigan Avenues. Life is a charming thing.

Family Bible

“I was not at home when my wife received a call from a woman named Carmen from Sydney Forks, Nova Scotia. She said she was shopping at Value Village she noticed a clerk was putting an old bible on the shelf. She looked at the bible and decided to purchase it. It was a thick … Continued