Teddy Bear Transformer

I found this drawing under a desk one day as I was cleaning. On the front was a seemingly innocent teddy bear.

Anne Frank Essay

Some middle schooler meditates on the sexiness of Anne Frank.


My friend lives across the street from a high school. Not only that, he lives across from the opening in the fence where everybody goes in and comes out. So I find stuff there all the time. This test in particular makes me laugh whenever I read the teacher’s comments.

Simple Love

I found this tucked away in a cabinet in the art department.


I found this beside a drinking fountain.

I’m Hairy

I found this in the recycle bin in my French class.

But Really

I found this note sloppily folded in half outside a college dorm. The saddest part is the way the writer kind of runs out of steam at the end.

Meow to the 47th

I found this on a piece of scratch paper in the math lab at my school.