To Prevent a Horse from Eating

I found this note card on a projector cart at school. It was so strange and charming I had to send it in.

Super Gay

I am a teacher and one thing that I find amazing is the amount of paper waste that accumulates over the course of a day.

Skater Kids

This was in a desk in my school. My friends and I thought about taking it for a few weeks. I finally swiped it and I love it.


I found this on the front lawn of my school. I’m kind of in awe that he has the guts to tell people about it openly.

Music Theory Notes

I found this in my music theory classroom at school. That poor girl.

They’re Hard to Get, but I Know a Guy

I’m a member of Shakespeare To Go, a company that performs theater for school children. I found this ticket in an elementary school’s multi-purpose room.

The Bacon

I found this inside a book in my school’s library.