Dear School

Found in my elementary school’s computer lab.

Be a Good Girl

I found this at a corridor in the grade school building of our school. It seems to be a draft for a drawing for Christian Living class. The fire seems to represent Hell or the Devil. When I looked closely, there was an erased figure of an evil creature.

Ancient VIVI Nashmare

Found on the floor in hallway at school. Did the artist mean Ancient Vivid Nightmare? See how he erased “Nashmare”? Maybe thought he should check the spelling first.

If You Want Your Shit Back

Found this in the hallway at my high school. Given that it’s a high school, it probably stemmed from a bad breakup. ‘Bitch ass dyke’ is now my favorite curse.

I Am a Giggle Bug

Found in a classroom I was helping clean. Apparently students were forced to write letters of apology to their teacher when they got in trouble and we found a whole stack of them. This one stood out.

Hair, Hair Everywhere

Last year, I found this photograph stapled randomly to a bulletin board at my high school. I picked it up and kept it because it made me laugh. The person’s arm has more hair than the dog!

No Room for Emos

Written on the back of a school notice, and found in a desk during parent/teacher conferences.

Dear Coach

Found at my daughter’s elementary school on the ground outside. I suspect it was never turned in to the coach.