What I Want Most

This was found by the media specialist in the high school where I teach. I’m not sure if it was for an assignment or just the random thoughts of teenager.


I’ve been doing major housekeeping in my classroom, and I found some more pictures! On the back it says “Mother was a Freshman, 1950.”

Why Do I Care?

I found this in a notepad in the library at my high school.

Parking Wars

I found this in the elementary school parking lot. I don’t think this note is about this parking lot, but probably related to the apartment complex that is a couple blocks away from the school.

Blink Exists

I found this in the cafeteria in my high school the day after Blink-182 announced their reunion on the Grammys. I have to note, however, that the blink emblem is drawn backwards.

Scientific Method

I found this study note card on the lawn of John Marshall High School.

Lick Me, ’90s Style

I found this on a bookshelf in biology a few years back. I like a couple of the bands and so I kept it.

Read My Poems

As a high school teacher, I often find interesting things. I have the habit of picking up crumpled balls of notebook paper and unwrapping them to see what’s inside, before tossing them in the trash bin. Sometimes it’s trash, sometimes treasure. No one at school knows I am a found hound; otherwise I would suspect … Continued

Mr. Scarcia

I found this in my drama class. I don’t remember a Mr. Scarcia subbing any time.

Blue vs. Black

Found in the hallway of high school. Somebody’s in love! I like the occasional <3 in there.