Hello Peanut

I found this in my school’s broadcasting studio.


I was in an elevator after a particularly rough day of classes when I looked down and found this on the floor. It was a nice reminder.


I found this outside a 4th grade classroom. I dig the front and end exclamation points.

What I Want Most

This was found by the media specialist in the high school where I teach. I’m not sure if it was for an assignment or just the random thoughts of teenager.


I’ve been doing major housekeeping in my classroom, and I found some more pictures! On the back it says “Mother was a Freshman, 1950.”

Why Do I Care?

I found this in a notepad in the library at my high school.

Parking Wars

I found this in the elementary school parking lot. I don’t think this note is about this parking lot, but probably related to the apartment complex that is a couple blocks away from the school.

Blink Exists

I found this in the cafeteria in my high school the day after Blink-182 announced their reunion on the Grammys. I have to note, however, that the blink emblem is drawn backwards.