Special Things for My Special Man

I found this note folded into a novel I bought new from amazon.com. The novel is Oryx and Crake, by Margaret Atwood, not the type of read you’d associate with an apologetic lover. Or “peeny.”

Married at the Mega Mall

I am a real estate agent and I was showing a house. This was folded up in the middle of an empty room on the floor. I have pretty much showed it all around Pensacola. One of my friends said I should make it into a poster. Another friend said he wants and make it … Continued

Gorilla Love

I found this while hiking with about 15 other photos from the same roll of film. This was one of my favorites.

Baby Bresses

We recently moved into a new house. Soon after, we began getting plain paper-wrapped magazines addressed to the previous owner. We learned through the grapevine that he worked for Hustler or Penthouse Magazine some years back. Strangely enough, about two weeks into our new stay a postcard arrived addressed to Penthouse Magazine. Somehow the writer … Continued

It’s Totally Awesome

I found this stuck in the windshield wipers of a car in 1991. We didn’t investigate.

Anthony Blew It

My mother’s boyfriend found this one for me on the street near his house.

Inappropriate Grandma

A co-worker found this in his driveway one Sunday morning. I kept it because it’s so damned funny and disturbing. The simple call of “flaps” got us through several horrendous days.