Pizza Warfare

I found this taped up on the wall at work several years ago.

Poor Cat

My little sister found this on the city bus. My question: why did this person need a reminder for one thing, and why HARD cat food? It just sounds cruel!

Eating Reminder

Found this in my parking garage. I think it’s a reminder to someone who is pet sitting, but my girlfriend thinks it’s a reminder to a pregnant woman.

Ultimate Ass

Found this while on a hike in a park.

Menu Planner

I found this in a trash can at the pregnancy clinic that I clean every weekend. I wonder if it were written as a note-to-self or a note to someone else. I think the latter would be pretty cute.

Cheese Crackers

Funny thing about this find! I was talking about what to get for dinner when we came across this.

Someone’s Gotta Do It

Found on the sidewalk near my office in Berkeley. The man appears to be taste-testing various cat foods.

Nude L’s

I found this post-it shopping list affixed to my cart at the local Vons grocery store. All of the items are your standard shopping list staples & except for the last one. For the life of me, I can’t figure out what “Elbow Nude L’s” are. Elbow macaroni? A special brand of nylons? A CD … Continued

Sugar Now

Yesterday I found an address book in the snow at the corner of my street. I’m guessing it belongs to a prisoner because there’s lots of names of judges, reference to a mafioso and a recurring number that could be his prison ID.