(6) Baked Ruffles

Found tucked next to the plastic flap of a grocery store shopping cart. Such gratitude and joy!

Seafood Specials

Found on a ledge at a Family Dollar store on St. Claude and Louisa.

Samiches and Beer

Found this tucked inside a row of Hot Wing sauce at our local Ralph’s market. Is this a lover’s quarrel “makeup” meal? How big of a jerky was he? Awh, but she still loves him. She’ll even buy him beer. WIC gets to pay for the bread for the “samiches.”


I found this stuck to a parking meter in the little downtown section of my town. The space was empty so it didn’t seem to be for anyone in particular. I passed it on my way a movie, thought it was awesome, then when it was still there after a movie and ice cream I … Continued

Demo Assholes

I’m a cashier at a grocery store, which is a goldmine for shopping lists. Here’s a pretty sweet one I rescued. I wonder how Babbles is coping with those Demo assholes!

Soup Rainbow

I was walking through the grocery store one Sunday when I saw this paper on one of the recently stocked aisles. Obviously someone wasn’t too sure on the correct procedure for stacking cans and boxes and needed some help. What I loved the most was the rainbow at the end if they completed the task … Continued

Caffeine Craving

This one was found walking with my class from the Gladstone in Toronto back to the Go Station.