Yum Yum

Found in the lift of my building … a series of quite touching Post-It notes.

Pizza’d Out

I love the expression and from now on I will try to use it wherever possible. I keep wondering under what circumstances someone would write this.

Pie Bond

I found this on the floor in my college dorm. Somebody must have been hungry while studying for their O-Chem final.

Chef Cool Boy

I found this doodle littering a Boston red line subway train. I only hope that this guy actually exists somewhere.

Enjoy the Mess

I found this in the Easter egg section whilst waiting to buy a magazine. It’s written on the reverse of a torn Rice Krispies box. I hope Julia and her friends enjoy their sleepover.


This looks like quite an ambitious grocery list – cat food for ALL cats?? What’s a coffee markout?

Sandwich Club Meeting

While walking to purchase a burrito, I happened upon the agenda for a certain Sandwich Club Meeting.

I’m Not a Hippie

I found this exercise book at Newtown station one afternoon, empty except for this page. Not to sure who it’s addressed to, but I thought it interesting reguardless.

Get Your Shit Together

I found this to-do list. Sounds like someone’s feeling stressed. Also, there might be a missed opportunity with Kevin and that Asian chilli sauce…

Diet Regimen

Found in the hallway recently. I was struck by the plethora of spelling errors. My favorite is “darie”, seconded by “carrets” and “porck”. What is Hugga bugga juice (Hayen punch)?