90% Unchecked

I forget where I found this sticker, but I doubt it was on what it was supposed to be on. I just can’t imagine who thinks 10% is good enough, or why anyone would want to bother to tell you about their substandard checking skills.

Smoking Hot!

I don’t think I was supposed to come across this, but i found it and it made my day.

Never – Ever

I found this under a tree in the park next to my condo. We have alot of older people who live in the complex, and I have wondered every day if it may belong to one of them. I see one particular woman who sits by the window day-in and day-out. I know she has … Continued


I found this in a DVD case I bought at a Spec’s one day.

Dressed to Kill

I was browsing a book in the hospice thrift store when this photo fell out. Strangely, it was found in a book about the Bermuda Triangle! It looks very old but is in excellent condition.

Your First Parade

Found this in my driveway on a rainy day. Looks like a journal entry that slipped out of its book. Feels to me likes its written by a young mom.

Painting of George

Found in the back of an old night stand I picked up at a thrift store. The back of the photo simply reads “George.”


I found this at a nearby public library, sticking out between two books in the medical section. My guess is somebody wanted it to be found. They got their wish. (If you look closely, you will see that it’s not drawn with an ordinary #2 pencil, the lead is thicker.)

Skull with Parasol

This is a picture that appears to be a Victorian-style doll with an over-sized skeleton head fitted over the original head. I work for a design firm. I found it in the bottom drawer of my desk when I first started working here. I’ve heard rumors from my co-workers that this skull head was also … Continued