Your First Parade

Found this in my driveway on a rainy day. Looks like a journal entry that slipped out of its book. Feels to me likes its written by a young mom.


I found this at a nearby public library, sticking out between two books in the medical section. My guess is somebody wanted it to be found. They got their wish. (If you look closely, you will see that it’s not drawn with an ordinary #2 pencil, the lead is thicker.)

Once More to the Lake

I got an old slide projector from an even older man. He bought the projector at a garage sale many years ago and it came with a few slides.

Make a Rude Video

I assume this was a tearful love letter after a breakup with his/her lover. It really just speaks for itself. It made me chuckle for a long while. Enjoy!


This note was stuck in an issue of FOUND #2, left behind by someone at Gate 110, Terminal B in the Orlando Airport. The magazine was fun to read and I thought it was a bit ironic that I found this note inside so I’m sending it in.

Food For Thought

I found this book on the ground a few years back. Just the other day I found it again and, while reading it, I began to think that someone had written it to me until I got to the bottom and read ‘Cookie’. It is filled with so much love that I wish someone had … Continued

Glenda and Punkin, 1979

I found this photo in a book. I wonder how Glenda sleeps with Punkin sitting on her? She is really going to have a stiff neck, too. I couldn’t bring myself to throw this away, and I now keep it with my family photos. I hope when I die and they are going through my … Continued

Dear Coach

Found at my daughter’s elementary school on the ground outside. I suspect it was never turned in to the coach.

Eating Reminder

Found this in my parking garage. I think it’s a reminder to someone who is pet sitting, but my girlfriend thinks it’s a reminder to a pregnant woman.