Dear Tooth Farey

I found this while going through old papers.

Sorry, Mom

This note fell out of a book I bought at a thrift store. I can only imagine the backstory … mom pulls a freshly baked loaf of “omish” bread out of the oven and calls for Andrew to come in and enjoy some. Andrew comes to the table and looks at a loaf that resembles … Continued

This Morning, I’ve Changed

I found this letter/poem rolled up like a cigarette wedged between two cobblestones in downtown Gainesville. I suspect (and hope) this letter was never delivered, that it’s desperate author nervously rolled it up and discarded it.

Cheek, Kiss, Cheek, Kiss

I found this photo while on a date with my boyfriend– it was on a bench outside of a bookstore. He broke up with me later that night. I hope their love lasts longer than ours.

Drives Like Maniac

I found this note balled up in a neighbor’s front yard while jogging. It was written on the back of stationery from a local landlord’s office.

Not Relationship Material

I found this at my job. It was left by a customer. Apparently the “not relationship material” type of guys are in style.


As I was running back home last night, I saw a piece of paper in my front yard.

That Hair

I found this Polaroid face down in the trunk of a car at the junk yard while looking for some parts. When I turned it over, all I could think was LOOK AT THAT HAIR! I graduated in 1984 and it appears that they went to the prom four years later and I wondered how … Continued