I found this in an alley between 10th and 11th streets in San Francisco. Thought it was kinda funny. Someone in my office said it smelled like it came from a public restroom.


Found in an empty pew of a church.

Cover for Tools

One night while closing a local coffee shop in small-town Minnesota, I found this sheet of paper on top of the toilet in our bathroom. I hope the party was as good as they hoped and no one over 30 came.

Secrets in the Toilet

Found this folded up on the floor of the gent’s loos at a club.

Kids Are Cute

Went to Denny’s in Little Tokyo to have a nice breakfast. They were busy so the busboy didn’t clean well. I’m guessing a child left this for the next occupant of the booth (they were having a promotion for Sea World in San Diego).

Action! List!

I manage some apartments. One night the garbage was overflowing with a plastic bag full of Coke cans. When I opened the bag this “Action List” was inside. Two things strike me as funny. The first is that getting a job is more important than getting off heroin. And second, besides a dozen empty Coke … Continued

I’m A Pew

I found this outside of a gym in Williamsburg. Instant laugh. Got my attention. Might have bought the pew if it were there still.

Good Times

I was sitting at a park bench eating my lunch when this blew across my foot. I actually looked for gouged trees and blood after I read it.

Weird Driving Rats

I found this in my house and have no clue or it’s origin.