Great Job on

I found this when I needed it most. It was on the door of a bathroom stall.

Things Needed

Found outside my work on the sidewalk. Seems like an important piece of information that is needed.

Oh, Great

I found this by a computer in a college library.

Poop in the Stairwell

I found this note en route to the laundry room at the Chesapeake Lofts.

Busy Day

This list was found in the parking lot of my office building, which houses a few different businesses. It was found late November 2005.

101 Movies to Avoid

Found this post-it inside the cover of “101 Movies to Avoid,” a book by Allan Smithee, which of course is the name that movie’s producers or directors give when they don’t want to be known. The reader obviously didn’t think much of the content but it didn’t deter me … I wanted to know what … Continued

Dog Show

Walking home late last night after seeing a concert, we found the sidewalk scattered with these flyers for an upcoming neighborhood dog show. This budding typographer created a flyer filled with tons of enthusiasm! She even figured out how to draw a dog doing a handstand in the form of the letter “H.” I’m sure … Continued


I found this on the street by Austin Community College Rio Grande campus.

Save the Chimpmonks!

Found this taped to a random tree deep in the heart of Brooklyn, where animal rights are held sacred. The Chipmunk has a beret and a pipe. Classic! He looks sad, maybe his pipe is empty. That’s heavy man.