I Can


FOUND by Amber Dawn in North Carolina

We were on a day trip to a replica of an Old Western town. My grandparents went there a few years ago and attended a weekend festival, but the owner has since passed away so we arrived to find it eerily deserted and run-down. We walked around and explored for two or three hours and I only saw one other person the whole time, very possibly the author of this flyer. She was sitting on a bench outside a closed-for-good souvenir shop, her attention devoted to a phone or handheld gaming system from which I never noticed her avert her glance to check out our motley band of too-late-tourists. In retrospect, maybe I should’ve asked her how much it would have cost to clean our carses.

Hugs, Then Hands


FOUND by Emily Weakley at a children’s clinic

I found this letter while straightening up the waiting room at a children’s facility. I look at all of the patients we saw that day to see if I could find their name so we could return the letter, but we couldn’t find it. It was too cute to throw away!