I’m Not Telling You Again

I parked too close to someone’s driveway; they tripped out, poured milk on my car, and left this note.


I was at the park yesterday and found this GNC business card on the ground. Not only was it discarded by ‘Jeep’ but ‘Nils’ wrote on a GNC card, which somehow implies that he or she is fit and buff, except don’t call them at work.

Please Don’t Ticket

I found this sticky note on my neighborhood’s sidewalk in a fall windstorm, no tire-free cars in sight.


I found my true love trapped between the pages of “Oroonoko” by Aphra Behn.

I Want Details

I found this in the grass outside of the mental health office where I work. I don’t think Bre followed the directions from her mom very well.

No Big Deal

I found this on my car. Hmmmm.

Drunk Tina’s Drunk Friend’s Car

I had been crestfallen that I had thrown away my entire collection of finds some months earlier (mere weeks before discovering FOUND). I’ve hung onto it long enough, time to share.

Aw Yeah

I found this on my street as I was walking to the rail. It was early in the morning. Certainly an amusing way to start my day.

Simple Map

I found this last weekend at Foodlife right by the pizza stand. I like the Jag image a lot.

Ticket: $100

I found this note on a trail in a wildlife sanctuary about a mile from the nearest traffic light.