Double Heeled

This photo was found in a drawer in a classroom of the alternative high school I attended. Since the school lacked funding, prom photos were taken by teachers with students posing in front of cheap backdrops. I’m not sure if the double exposure was an accident or done intentionally by a student in the darkroom.

Cuttin’ a Rug

Found these two photos while cleaning out the house of a dead relative. They were stuck together behind a tiki bar.


The girl on the right must be thinking “Why do I have to put my hand on his shoulder? He probably has cooties!”

Party of Five

I found this yesterday inside the front cover of a used book. It says “Ken” on the back. Dig the kid’s natty plaid bow tie; goes well with the Shirley Temple.

Cat in Tux

I found this picture in the parking lot of the music store that I used to work in. I never knew what to do with it (I couldn’t just toss it) until I found your site. The picture just seems to tell some sort of story, but as to what that story is, beats me.

A Tiger Behind the Wheel

I found this in an outside zipper compartment of a purse I bought at a garage sale in Oklahoma. This can’t possibly be this little girl’s real hair, and I really hope she wasn’t planning on driving after the picture was taken, although she seems to take herself pretty seriously and probably THOUGHT she was … Continued