House/Dorm Room Company

I can’t figure out if it’s serious or not, and I can’t figure out who is supposed to pay whom for the “talk, cuddle and emotion” listed at the bottom. If you can’t read it, the bottom says: “One month – $200 One month with talk, cuddle and emotions – $300 One month with talk, … Continued

Give Craig Money

I found this list in a stairwell in my college dorm in Oneonta, NY. What first came to mind was the hope that the writer felt motivated enough to do something today. And also the question of what she is giving Craig money for.

Poor Spencer

I found this in the courtyard of a dorm building.

Stop Crying

I found this in the bushes by my dorm.

Dear Towel Owner

I found this in the bathroom of my dorm, taped on a shelf. After a couple of days, and with no sign of the towel, I decided it was time to take this little treasure for my own.

Nobody Sleeps in Attic

I found this Post-It Monday morning, bright and early, in my desk drawer, when I came into work and was arranging my things for the week. It was on a Post-It pad, as if the brainstormer calmly scribbled it and just hid it there upon discovery. (Or so I like to imagine) I’ve worked as … Continued