From My Levatoranz


FOUND by Paul Markowicz at The Strand Bookstore, Manhattan, New York

No idea what a Levatoranz or a Bulbospongiosus are, but it does seem that “J” really loves Matthew. This was found in a book outside at The Strand bookstore in New York City in the $1 books section.

A Perfumed Remark


FOUND by Marie in Charlottesville, Virginia

A few days ago, I was inspecting an elegant antique sterling perfume atomizer (I’m a dealer). I unscrewed the top and peeked into the narrow glass vial inside. There was no liquid, but there was a pleasant perfume aroma, plus this note, which was curled up inside. I had to use a pair of needle-nose pliers to remove it, as the vial was so narrow. And here it is!