October Haul

This was tucked away in an old photo album being sold at a Goodwill-type store in Sioux Falls. There were more pictures of these brothers (?) in their hunting gear.

The Great Northern Hotel

At work today an e-mail went out to all staff warning that the Lost and Found box was going to be dumped. In the e-mail was a list of completely random items (gold earring with “precious” written on it, 3 maps of Africa, a stuffed M&M doll, etc), but one item really stood out as … Continued

Moose Heads

I came across a water damaged photoalbum while rummaging around a demolished house. There where a number of photos illustrating what a fun the time the guy had had, out hunting moose with his buddies.

Bless There Soul

I found this near the scanner in my school newspaper’s room. I don’t know what context it’s in, but I love the misspellings, all those ellipses, and the random trace of someone’s hand.

You Never Give Me That Much Affection

I found this in the lower branches of a bush in heart of Milwaukee’s East Side. My first reaction was a gut-busting laugh followed by a moment of puzzlement. For the most part, this meaning of this find is pretty clear-cut: she hates the cat. Yet I am baffled by the sudden interjection of “You … Continued