Ballerina Diet


FOUND by Paul Pintner in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I work in a bookstore (BMV) that buys secondhand books, dvds, comics, etc; hundreds if not a thousand a week, and we often come across odd and/or personal items inside the books or boxes. Usually photos, but sometimes home movies, money, postcards, letters, bills, even identification from time to time. Obviously if we discover them in time we give them back to the seller (unless we feel it would be just too embarrassing; don’t use candid photos as bookmarks folks!). For some reason I’d never thought of submitting any of our finds to your magazine until this page from some ballerina’s diet came along. All I can say is I feel sorry for these girls and boys, despite the fact that they, like Hobbits, get a second breakfast. As if the shoes weren’t bad enough.

Belly Dancers


FOUND by Deborah Huber in San Francisco, California

My boyfriend told me “I found a negative” and I thought that he meant he found one of mine on the floor (I’ve been scanning negatives all day for a show), but I looked at it and it was definitely not mine. Turned out that he found it while he was on a walk. Enjoy!