Crystal Basin Pirate Party Winner

I found this at a gas station just off California’s Highway 50 where I always stop to let my dogs run during long car rides.


My boyfriend told me “I found a negative” and I thought that he meant he found one of mine on the floor (I’ve been scanning negatives all day for a show), but I looked at it and it was definitely not mine. Turned out that he found it while he was on a walk. Enjoy!

Beyond the Call of Duty

Found this on my way into Schnuck’s for some groceries after class one night. It seems Danny was helping put on a dance recital.

Males, Singing and Rubbing

I wondered if I had stepped back into a time machine to the 1950s or something; I mean, I really thought we were getting past all this.


We had a lip-sync contest as part of our company holiday party. One daring group of men decided they would dress in full drag (lingerie, not dresses) and perform “Lady Marmalade” from Moulin Rouge. The party was held a few blocks from where we work so in order to completely get into character, the five … Continued

Disc Jockey

Found in a briefcase in an abandoned Chevrolet Dealership on the West Side of Cleveland. I’m guessing its from the early 70′s. I have no idea who this guy is but this is a definite finders-keepers situation.

Dude Man

I found this at the Sundance Natural Foods bulletin board.


I found this note folded into a square under my desk in Hebrew class.

Paul Danced

These flyers were on every car parked in student housing at Southern Utah University.