Dude Man

I found this at the Sundance Natural Foods bulletin board.


I found this note folded into a square under my desk in Hebrew class.

Paul Danced

These flyers were on every car parked in student housing at Southern Utah University.

Cuttin’ a Rug

Found these two photos while cleaning out the house of a dead relative. They were stuck together behind a tiki bar.

Belly Dancers

I am the owner of the Cadieux Cafe. I found this picture while “urban spelunking” in the basement of the Cadieux. There were a bunch of pics which were water damaged, and while peeling them apart the belly dancers emerged. I peeled back an oval sticker and you can see the marks left, also the … Continued

This Bunny Likes to Dance

About a week before Easter while walking my dog near Ohio and Noble street, I came across this. It brought a huge smile to my face! Unfortunately, a young child lost their Easter Bunny who likes to dance.

Dance Club Only

This note was found at Virginia Tech outside of a professor’s office one afternoon. This professor likes to listen to techno, so I found the note to be particularly fitting.


Found on the sidewalk on my way to class, this seems to show several older persons in a basement “getting their groove on,” as it were.

Diso Fever

My son and I were walking through the parking lot of our local grocery store when I came across this little gem. The Saturday Night Fever theme song burst out of my mouth when I picked it up. It’s nice to see that the seventies are alive and well (and misspelled).