The Lounge


FOUND by Riam under a car carpet

I found this in the boot of my car after I bought it. It’s a Japanese car not sold in many places outside of Japan, privately imported to Australia around 8-10 years ago. When I cleaned out all the carpet inside the boot I found a squished packet of photos that I gather were developed in 1998 at Fujifilm in Japan.

Halloween Goodness


FOUND by Jess in Durango, Colorado

I was walking home this morning and I found this picture on the curbside a few days before Halloween. It is only about 2 x 3.5 inches. I think it was a sticker photo that got left out in the rain. I imagine that it must have slipped out of someone’s pocket when they were bringing in the groceries. I love how the layers of film are pealing away. The picture is great too.