I discovered this picture on the outside window ledge of a restaurant that used to be a railroad depot in Louisiana. I don’t know what the guy is rolling up – it’s kind of like he stops mid-toke with that regular cigarette when he sees what the other guy is working on. If you blow … Continued

Punk Abrasion

Found on a rainy sidewalk circa 1983.

Girl Lazer

My mom is a wedding photographer and I often help out. I found this along the Beaver Lake walking trail when we did some of the couple’s alone pictures.

Damaged Heart

Found in a box full of fire damaged goods donated to Goodwill. In 1992, there was a fire at my apartment. Everything was damaged, and I gave it all to Goodwill to see if they could salvage anything. Years later, in 1999, after going through four peoples’ hands, a friend of mine showed me this … Continued

July 1960

Found in an abandoned/burned out apartment building, circa 1982 (now demolished).

Untitled #7

Found near road in the bottom of the ditch in the spring, must have been under the snow all winter.

Greece Gone Wrong

On the winter sidewalk sat half a photograph- I looked around but I couldn’t find the other half anywhere. On the back I can make out the partial word “Acova (19)” and beneath that “Greece.” What sort of emotions made the owner of it tear it in half? And what was in the other half … Continued

Metro Wheel

Found on our walk to work.