No Birthdays

My scavenger hunt team found this on the sidewalk while searching around New Haven last summer. Baffled by the cryptic message, we finally settled on the idea that this was a teacher’s note to herself about her new class: two of her students are allergic to penicillin, one is Muslim or Jewish (no pork), one … Continued

No Kissing

I was walking to the bus after leaving my friends house when I saw this stuck in a bush.


It was my grandmother’s funeral and my whole family was having some kind of reception in the basement that I think was also a makeshift Sunday school. My cousin, Jim, grabbed my sister and I and said, “Come on, let’s get out of here.” Right when we were leaving I saw this small yellow square … Continued

And Again Those Eyes

I found this in a used copy of the novel “Spider” by Patrick McGrath, bought used from Amazon.

Moo Hoo Haha

While walking by the water yesterday, I spotted this hiding in the sand, all wet. (Oddly enough, it hadn’t rained in about a week…) I was psyched.

An Evening Alone

I found this in a library book. You see the first item and you wonder what’s next. Then you see it’s these candles… and then you realize that this person was not going to have a romantic evening.


Found this on the ground while doing some work in my yard. Thought it was an odd bit of advice.

Code of the Boys

I found this in a Fantasy art book I got at the Goodwill. It was hidden in between the pages.


Found outside Norwalk Library.

Please Be Who You Are

I was going through my mom’s old cookbook and found this. My mom has no idea who Donna Lee is or who could’ve written it.