And Again Those Eyes

I found this in a used copy of the novel “Spider” by Patrick McGrath, bought used from Amazon.

Moo Hoo Haha

While walking by the water yesterday, I spotted this hiding in the sand, all wet. (Oddly enough, it hadn’t rained in about a week…) I was psyched.

An Evening Alone

I found this in a library book. You see the first item and you wonder what’s next. Then you see it’s these candles… and then you realize that this person was not going to have a romantic evening.


Found this on the ground while doing some work in my yard. Thought it was an odd bit of advice.

Code of the Boys

I found this in a Fantasy art book I got at the Goodwill. It was hidden in between the pages.


Found outside Norwalk Library.

Please Be Who You Are

I was going through my mom’s old cookbook and found this. My mom has no idea who Donna Lee is or who could’ve written it.

I Sed So

Found in the IKEA parking lot.

What Should I Do

I found this on page 25 of The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest. From the inferred maturity of the writer, I assume that the mom was the reader of the book. My favorite part is the “Answer here” line on the left side of the page.