Case of Serpent Envy

Found this in the parking lot at work. Desire and temptation are strong themes.

You Suck at Life Now

I was walking home from the park with my kids and thought that I’d take them by the juvie; like, “Hey kids, don’t act up and end up in there some day.” We found this on the sidewalk. I saw the swear word up top and then wouldn’t let my kids have it. They spent … Continued

I Was Good to Her

I found this piece of paper in the street while waiting for my dog to poop in the neighbor’s yard on 19th and California St.


Found this in a bunch of gravel while walking around my neighborhood.

Not Full Credit?

The detail that this student explores… I feel as if I can almost visualize the curve…

To the Bigot Upstairs

This is the last of a series of notes that were left on the inside of the main door of my apartment building. Previous notes included:  To whom it may concern: The same to you,  To whom it may concern: Who pulls your strings? and  To whom it may concern: You are … Continued

Mu = Dumbo

If the original problem involves a huge spring pushing an apple crate up a skateboarding ramp, is an elephant acting as a resisting force all that far off?

Signed, Mr./Mrs.”X”

Found on our apartment door the morning after a party. It must have been one hell of a party.