There’s a Lot of Gray Areas

Found this while cleaning out a respond-to-the-art journal in the Denver Art Museum. At first it made my blood run cold, but on reflection I suppose I can empathize with that buzz of heightened self-awareness that follows an experience that just might change everything (but before it actually has).

On Paper Only

My husband was helping a good friend clean up an apartment one of his tenants had abandoned.

5 Axes

A friend found this in a classroom, presumably after a lecture on abnormal psychology (these are the five axes for the clinical diagnosis of psychological disorders) at University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.

Limpy Love Note

I found this in the pocket of a pair of pants dropped off where I work (at a dry cleaner’s – we have to check all the pockets before the clothes go into the machines).

That Girl

This note was found in a magazine (Men’s Health) that I found in a parking lot.

Bible Show

I found this on the sidewalk in front of a Christian-themed coffee shop.

Cellular Life

I bought a used cell phone on eBay. As an unexpected bonus, it was still loaded with photos–a low-res slice of life from the previous owner. Popular themes include puppy love and ‘fro wigs.

Baby Blues

Polaroid of baby with headphones from November of 1966 that I found in a thrift store.

They Tricked Me

I found this note written on Keebler stationary in the case of a Polaroid camera purchased at a flea market… Tampered brake lines, deception, heartbreak.

Shabbat Shalom!

I found this at the Public Library during an all-day study session. This appears to be the beginnings a Bar/Bat Mitzvah speech written by a girl (judging by the stationary and handwriting) from the local Jewish Congregation.