This Is Effing Urgent

We found this in our front yard. It looks like someone was planning a pretty fantastic road trip. I can only hope they had a back up copy of this list.

Dom and Dan

Found in a pile of used books at a street sale, this appears to be a page from a hymnal book.

Friends at 14,000 Ft.

Last June my husband and I drove to Colorado from Virginia for our anniversary. We drove up Pike’s Peak one day, and at the top of the mountain I noticed this picture blowing around on the ground beside the viewing area. It was very windy, snowy and icy, and I was lucky to catch it … Continued

Things Needed

Found outside my work on the sidewalk. Seems like an important piece of information that is needed.

Peace for Sale

Found this on a walk through the neighborhood.

Missing Birks

Found this note at the communal showers for a week long bike ride across Colorado. Pretty funny way to put it.

Please Please My Cat

Found this the day I moved into my new apartment. It landed in front of my door. Seems like whoever wrote it was in a huge hurry or has very demanding cats.

No Tagging

I came across this on the sidewalk of the 16th Street Mall.

Mardi Gras

I found this photo in a discarded photo album. On the back it states that this is a photo of Susan and Joseph at a Mardi Gras Parade. I can appreciate how the sea of people parted so that this picture could be taken.