Bra Request

This was found in our library book drop bin.

On My Blue Jens

I found this, along with many other interesting things, at my high school. It is still unclear to me exactly the first line means, but I’m glad she included illustrations. Maybe she thinks she’s a diva. Who knows?

Limpy Love Note

I found this in the pocket of a pair of pants dropped off where I work (at a dry cleaner’s – we have to check all the pockets before the clothes go into the machines).

A Great Tornado

Found on my way to class at UMass Amherst.

Clothes and Undies

This was found in a parking lot of an entertainment-type district. I think Jenn was celebrating after the interview– although not the best place to shop for clothes and undies.

Smart Women

I found this in a parking lot near the mall.

G-Unit Coat

I found this in Dalston.  I collect found objects and made a book of my finds a couple of years ago (before I saw your magazine!). This is one of my favourites at the moment.

My Wet Tye Dye Shirt

I found this during the Kerrville Folk Festival. I waited until the festival had ended to snatch it off the message board (I thought it was so great, I couldn’t leave it behind to be thrown away with the other flyers). I hope this guy was reunited with his shirt. He sounds pretty upset.

For The Love Of Crotch Rockets

Found taped on the parking garage door next to the Bluebird, a local music venue. It’s written on the back of a reminder list for the club staff of things to put in the green room when a band arrives … guessing one of them got fed up with the motorcycle club that meets there.