For The Love Of Crotch Rockets

Found taped on the parking garage door next to the Bluebird, a local music venue. It’s written on the back of a reminder list for the club staff of things to put in the green room when a band arrives … guessing one of them got fed up with the motorcycle club that meets there.

Rule On Measurement

I found this file card left on a counter at an Internet cafe in Thurles, Co. Tipperary. Straight away I thought of submitting it to FOUND Magazine and put it in my pocket.

The Dangers Of Not Smoking

I’ve had this for awhile and not sure where I found it. I like the fact that the P.S. is in different ink, which means Patty added the obesity reference some time after the original note was written.

West Coast Fashions

I found this Polaroid in a primered-out ’78 Buick at the notorious San Francisco City Tow car auction (where they sell all the cars towed away for illegal parking). I didn’t buy the Buick, but I grabbed this Polaroid out of the glove box. It seems to be a shot from some sort of fashion … Continued