Bloodshot Red

A teacher’s report of inebriated student who disruptively demands a match.


On a Sunday afternoon walk, I came across a pile of ejected house waste, clothes, toys, furniture and this photograph. It was found on a street behind Madrid’s modern art museum, The Reina Sophia. All I can say is that it looks like they have been trying to invent Cherry Coke by mixing normal coke … Continued

Fall in Indiana

I found a strip of photo film negatives several months back and had been carrying them around in my purse until today, when I decided to scan them and see what they were. Anything to avoid work. It was four pictures taken on Halloween (my guess).

Cigar Man

Found at my school, on the ground, as usual.

Old Man with Umbrella

I found this picture in a milk crate full of random photographs and papers at a used furniture sale just outside of town. I thought it was nice snapshot. The woman who ran the sale said I could have the picture.

Hard Day’s Work

This is a photo that somehow slipped into my storage locker at the Manhattan Mini Storage on Van Dam St. How unhappy does the “driver” look? I’m trying to determine where they are (West Indies?) and how old it is (late 80′s?) – but the blue truck in the background seems newer, and I’m pretty … Continued