Found this on the sidewalk near my house. If you look close you will notice that the central figure is actually sitting cross-legged on a raised platform. You can just barely see his/her toes poking out from under the white robe.


My friend and I found this behind a hymnal in church one Sunday. I feel bad for the kid; when I was little I didn’t like grown-up church either.

And Pass it to Each Other

I’ve known about your site for a few months. Thus, I was jazzed to find the attached 3×5 “Communion, worship, visitors’ [sic] record” card in the third pew of Grace Lutheran Church in LaGrange, Illinois, my hometown. I was there for my nephew, Greg’s, baptism at the 10:15 a.m. service on August 1, 2004. In … Continued

Would You Make a Deal With Me?

My mom’s boyfriend found this on his windshield behind a church in Erie. What we’ve been debating is whether the guy who wrote this is either really old or if he was writing on top of a piece of concrete.

Our Churches

I found this in an old pulpit at my school. I wonder what they concluded.

Happy Couple

This Polaroid is one of our favorites. I unearthed it from down deep in the couch cushions. Since our couches were purchased at a second-hand store, the photo’s origin is shrouded in mystery. It’s hard to tell the year, but the cars in the background and the little girl’s outfit suggest the 60′s or 70′s. … Continued