Religious Education

Found this on the steps of my school just outside the religious studies block. I’m not sure if ‘Jamal’ was paying attention to the lesson.

Unknown Church

I found this photograph on a business flight underneath the seat in front of me.

Spong Bob Scker Pans

This was on the floor at my church after a Sunday school session I helped with. This note wasn’t even from something we did that day.


It was my grandmother’s funeral and my whole family was having some kind of reception in the basement that I think was also a makeshift Sunday school. My cousin, Jim, grabbed my sister and I and said, “Come on, let’s get out of here.” Right when we were leaving I saw this small yellow square … Continued

Control Yourself

I found this folded up in a hymnal in my school chapel. It has eluded my efforts to find out who wrote it and to whom.


I found this note on the back of a prayer request card in my church.


Found this on the sidewalk near my house. If you look close you will notice that the central figure is actually sitting cross-legged on a raised platform. You can just barely see his/her toes poking out from under the white robe.


My friend and I found this behind a hymnal in church one Sunday. I feel bad for the kid; when I was little I didn’t like grown-up church either.