Page Me Later

One cold as fuck February night in Chicago in 1999, I went to my old apartment at Fullerton and Kedzie to watch the movie “Ran” with my friend and old roommate Kelli, who still lived there. Around 3 a.m. I stumbled out to my car, full of war-fatigue from the movie, and thinking all kinds … Continued


Found on the #77 eastbound Belmont bus on a Wednesday evening.

Mickey and Sister

Found this is an old box. Didn’t know Mickey played lute!

Proud Frankie

I got this record at the local flea market. I bought it from someone who definitely wasn’t Frankie’s parents. I researched this “Frankie” and found out that it probably is Franky Bandy, who actually started this “TearDrop” Records in Chicago.

Dear Cherisse

Found on a side walk in a gutter under the El tracks near Chicago and Franklin.

Give You “a” Call

We found this late one night after walking back from the Planetarium area of the lakefront. We were walking through the pedestrian and bicycle underpass and saw it, handwritten side up.


My friend Justin and I found this Post-it when cleaning off the desk of a recently fired co-worker. The circumstances of her leaving were dubious and she was kind of a mystery herself, so this became all the more curious a message to us. I promptly taped it to my desk where it’s been the … Continued

Quiet Time

Found on the floor at my job. It makes me so happy.

To the White Couple

This note was taped to a light pole. I didn’t remove the note because it had obviously been placed there for a reason and it needed to remain there. If only we knew what sort of interaction happened between this guy and the white couple to elicit such a raw, pained, angry, response.