First Pedicure

Found on the sidewalk near Palmer Square.

6 Questions

Found this blowing in the wind in my backyard from the alley. Maybe a quiz for this little girl’s step-sibling?

Merry Christmas, Dad?

In the post-Christmas season, its pretty predictable to find a lot of cast-off Christmas decorations in thrift stores, especially with the ever-popular New Years Resolutions of “getting organized” or “reducing clutter” being made recently by families everywhere. The subject matter immediately struck me as being awesomely … awkward, but at the same time quite thoughtful, … Continued

Business Card?

One day about a month ago I was getting some cash out of an ATM here in the south Loop, and I noticed what looked like one of those “Community Chest” cards from a Monopoly game. I picked it up and turned it over, and was surprised to find that it is in fact the … Continued

Nice Dickey!

Found this 18″ x 24″ poster in an alley near my house. It had been rained on and was starting to disintegrate.

Idiot List

Found along the walk.

A Good Start

I found this near an elementary school– it was a great way to start my morning.

No Maternal Instinct

While cleaning off a table I found this crumpled up napkin stuffed in the seat.

Caught You

I found this while shelving Teen books at the library where I work. The fluorescent yellow caught my eye as it was sticking out of a copy of Dramarama by E. Lockhart. It particularly made me chuckle because I imagine the first writer trying to use “Bookworm!” as an insult only to receive this comeback, … Continued