Yo, Comcast Guy

I was giving a walking tour when I spotted this.


I found this on the streets of SF when I was living there sometime around 1995-1998. I hope whoever created it is still running amok.

Hello Kitty Rules

I found this on the street after garbage day. I assume it strayed from the recycling bin and onto the curb where I found it. I pity this girl’s future boyfriends.

In a Bald Mood

I picture the person who lost this as an old hippie with wispy, shoulder-length gray hair who laments the loss of his youth and hair.

I Don’t Know How to Thank You

I found this post-it note at a campsite near Guerneville. I imagine it rode there attached to a yummy box of Hamburger Helper or similar, a child’s fondest wish finally becoming reality. Really, how does one thank someone for such a joy?

Beauty Pageant

This was found on Hollywood Blvd.  I picked this up walking back to the office from lunch and put it on my office door. Then someone told me about your site.


Had to wait 30 minutes for my doctor to see me, but it was worth it when I found this torn photo in the waiting room.

Podiatrists Must Flourish

I found this stuffed in a small wooden shoe inherited from my mother’s side of the family. I wonder why the author bothered to explain that the shoes “mean absolutely nothing.” Should they mean something?

OMG I Cnt Wait

This note totally made my day. The nicknames they gave each other are absolutely hilarious: Soy Sauce, BLT, and Ranch.