Chivalry Lives in Public Radio

In the middle of our fund drive — when things are very crazy and tense and there are many, many more people around than usual, and everyone’s tempers run very high — I found this note still on its pad on the floor behind the board operator’s console. From whom to whom? Uncertain, but perhaps … Continued

$120,000 Crush

I found this on the floor of a building at Stanford University while I was there for a debate tournament in February. I have no idea of any possible back-story, but it was addressed to ‘Michelle’. I’m actually a little worried that Michelle never got the note and someone just spent $120,000 in vain. Best … Continued

Black Ice

I found this in 1995 on a classroom desk at College of the Redwoods.

Price of Admission

I found this yellow sticky note on the ground, after a good rain, while I was out for a walk.


Found on a residential street. At first I thought it was some kind of history exercise; then I realized that someone had saved her homework from 42 years ago. And, worse yet, lost it.

Season’s Greetings

Some friends bought a house here in California last summer. We found this in the garage taped to a toilet seat!– among things left behind by the previous tenants. Enjoy

Gun Child

I volunteer at a thrift store on the weekends and while sifting through a box of junk in the back room, I found this picture sandwiched between some odds and ends. The date on the back says 1973. It now belongs to my friend Clint who proudly has it framed and hanging on his bedroom … Continued

Tow Me

I found this on my car.