Dinosaur Poster

I found this dinosaur poster at an intersection near my house when I was walking home from the local market. It contains lots of dinosaur facts as well, as some more subjective statements (“Dinosaurs fight bad animals”). This is one of my all-time favorite finds and I can only hope that the person who created … Continued

Model Citizen

I found this on a telephone pole along the 38 line in San Francisco.

Skull with Parasol

This is a picture that appears to be a Victorian-style doll with an over-sized skeleton head fitted over the original head. I work for a design firm. I found it in the bottom drawer of my desk when I first started working here. I’ve heard rumors from my co-workers that this skull head was also … Continued

Fifteen Years Ago

I found this really cute baby picture a few blocks from my house. “September 1981″ is printed on the back the picture.

Not Quite Divorced Yet

Found this interesting note in a parking lot outside of an Indian restaurant. Was it discarded with no follow-up? Or, had Jill and Karen gotten together that very evening at the Indian restaurant? What not-quite-divorced-yet plans might have been set between these two?

Unrequited Love

I found this on the sidewalk along the beach. I hope Nick knows what he’s asking for.

Horse Shadow Well

I found this photo in 1977 in San Francisco when I was an art school dropout trying to scrape by. I loved the photo from the get go and have had it ever since. In fact it has been in a frame on my wall for many years and now I pass it on.

Sorry For What?

While looking for a new place to rent in Angelino Heights, I found this comic drawn on the back of an old receipt.

A Straight Nooner

Here’s a scanned image of a note I found last weekend along the American River in Sacramento. The note was lying in some grass alongside the river next to a few empty beer cans (Coors Lite) and some discarded fishing line.

Punk Abrasion

Found on a rainy sidewalk circa 1983.