Fish Girl

My friends found this at a party we were at. It was on the ground in the alley where the party was taking place, and I was so excited I grabbed it from them so I could send it in. On the other side is written “Fish Girl” in odd curly handwriting with hearts for … Continued

Dear Daddy

Found on a BART train in the Bay Area.

You Never Kiss Me

Found on the sidewalk in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood.

Push Comes to Shove

Discovered within the pages of a book at a bookstore in 1990. A handwritten note on the back reads: Bob – me – Lonesome Sierra Vista April 1952.

“Operating” Notes

Found by a schoolyard… obviously the kids were “performing” various operations on their school mates. The Butt Operation was more successful than the Face Operation. Cootie spray option and not covered under the HMO.

I Throw Pennies

I found this about nine years ago on the sidewalk down the street from my apartment. It’s been framed on my wall ever since.