The Raspberries

Found it at San Diego State’s library. I was leaving to go to my next class, and I found this torn note.

Red Shorts Boy

At Coachella, my friend Phil was attracting all the men because all he was wearing were these red booty shorts. I guess the boys who parked next to us wanted to get in them– we found this on our windshield!

Any Questions?

Found this wandering through town on my way to other lands.

El Chupacabras

I saw this propped against a tree on the sidewalk at Hayes and Franklin and did a double take at the word Chupacabras. Looking at it later I feel like there’s probably a sad story behind it.

Fish Girl

My friends found this at a party we were at. It was on the ground in the alley where the party was taking place, and I was so excited I grabbed it from them so I could send it in. On the other side is written “Fish Girl” in odd curly handwriting with hearts for … Continued

Dear Daddy

Found on a BART train in the Bay Area.

You Never Kiss Me

Found on the sidewalk in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood.

Push Comes to Shove

Discovered within the pages of a book at a bookstore in 1990. A handwritten note on the back reads: Bob – me – Lonesome Sierra Vista April 1952.