Dear Bruno

Found in a parking lot near where I work. Bruno’s clearly not the groom… See you tonight! (I think not!)

A Love Note

A group of friends and I were on our way to a “Jungle Fever” themed dance when we decided to ditch the dance for some Mexican food. As we were walking to the restaurant I came across this piece of paper on the floor. I’ve kept it in my dorm since.


I found a bunch of negatives in a pile on the street.

Perfect Reader

Cute little drawing and note that I found at the city dumps.

No Offense Intended

Just saw this note on the ground after leaving a coffee shop at 18th Ave. and Geary Blvd., and thought it was a pretty fair and balanced proposition for a casual “dudes only” hookup.

A Beautiful Butterfly

Found this crumpled up into a tight little ball, on the street in the fairly downtrodden Tenderloin District. Kinda sad that such a heartfelt message of hope got discarded with such intention.

Dire Emergency

I found this posted on a community bulletin board in Bolinas, a small hippie town north of San Francisco. And, in case you’re wondering, no, I did not go look for Gary behind the building.

Hot Dog Rolls and Doomesday

Found this outside my local Starbucks; it was folded in half so I was so happy to see the last item on the list when I opened it!