Doesn’t Like My Butt

This was in the back of a sketchbook I found in the UCSD Visual Arts facility. It made my day.

Crystal Basin Pirate Party Winner

I found this at a gas station just off California’s Highway 50 where I always stop to let my dogs run during long car rides.

The One with the Cats

I found this in the vestibule of my apartment building one night, and I just had to open the envelope and read it. I put it back where I left it though, so I’m not a total asshole.

Forget the Army

I just found this in a forgotten packing box in my own garage, and have no idea how it got there.

Dangerous Glamour

I found these negatives on the sidewalk in front of my building. There were several pages leading in a row down the street, but I took only two. There were also some full body shots in which the model is holding two pistols with silencers and her hair is waving around, but that page didn’t … Continued

Samiches and Beer

Found this tucked inside a row of Hot Wing sauce at our local Ralph’s market. Is this a lover’s quarrel “makeup” meal? How big of a jerky was he? Awh, but she still loves him. She’ll even buy him beer. WIC gets to pay for the bread for the “samiches.”


My boyfriend told me “I found a negative” and I thought that he meant he found one of mine on the floor (I’ve been scanning negatives all day for a show), but I looked at it and it was definitely not mine. Turned out that he found it while he was on a walk. Enjoy!

I Tasted Corey Feldman

I found this at the Coachella Valley Music Festival. My friend and I were looking for a place to lay down and rest and we stumbled upon this fan when we sat down.

Andy Puse

I found this on a napkin left on a table in the Cheesecake Factory. Apparently someone thinks Andy is Stoopid and that he Puse in his pants.