Mr. Big Snake

The attached is a note a friend of a friend found outside their apartment (or on their car) in 1998.

So Walk On

This was lying face-up in the middle of the sidewalk in front of my neighborhood video store in San Rafael. It’s written on a flap cut from a corrugated cardboard box. The use of “no” instead of “not” suggests the author may have English as a second language. What I especially like about it is … Continued


I found this page displayed in an East Bay Express newspaper box at the corner of 27th and Broadway. It’s either a list of personal resolutions or recommendations on how someone else should live.


Found in the honeymoon haven of California.

No Brian Try To Find One

My girlfriend found this on her truck a couple days ago when coming back from an appointment. Not sure what Brian can do about this one. Apparently he is the one to solve the parking issues here.

Put Jamba in Fridge

Someone used this to pay the $5 cover of our art gallery happy hour here in San Francisco. It made us laugh.

High Noon

I found this on the sidewalk next to a debris box on Central Avenue, between Fulton and Masonic.

So, Can I Drink It?

I found this on a sidewalk in Silver Lake near the Spaceland rock club. It still maintains the dirty piece of tape that was surely the cause of it being on the ground and not stuck lovingly to someone’s windshield or something.

Take Me To The River

My friend lives in a complex frequented by homeless people as a short cut. Apparently they were using the semi-hidden porches in the parking lot area to poo in privacy. In an act of desperation this sign was put up, begging them to stop. I stole the sign; it wasn’t up for very long.