Hot Dog Rolls and Doomesday

Found this outside my local Starbucks; it was folded in half so I was so happy to see the last item on the list when I opened it!

This Obviously Has Many Applications

Found at Safeway in the bottom of my grocery cart. I’m guessing the notes found at Whole Foods might be more reliable when it comes to general science, but who knows?

Ninja Attack

My friend was in San Francisco and found this on the street.

Future Lawyers of America

I found this in a book that was donated to our library by one of the professors in the law school. The image is date-stamped December, 1976, on the back. it was just too good to toss and now hangs on my fridge.

Wuts Good

I found this outside Drake High School.

Anti Fourth of July

Found on the sidewalk in a photo book entitled “Anti Fourth of July.” The cover had an American flag with black duct tape replacing the red stripes.

The Ideal Man

Found this in a copy of a Thornton Wilder play at the library. Next to the word dating, whoever wrote this scribbled out “me.” Someone has a very specific picture of their ideal man. Or they’re just a stalker.

The Raspberries

Found it at San Diego State’s library. I was leaving to go to my next class, and I found this torn note.

Red Shorts Boy

At Coachella, my friend Phil was attracting all the men because all he was wearing were these red booty shorts. I guess the boys who parked next to us wanted to get in them– we found this on our windshield!