Hello Sunshine

A few years ago I had just moved into an apartment. One day I came home to find this on my front door – no idea who it’s from or what it means. The creepiest part is that whomever it was had apparently hung around for a while before posting it. That, and the strange … Continued

Sacred Jeff-Time

I found this letter in a notebook. The notebook was left in my music theory classroom. The notebook has all sorts of writings, in-class activities, and a whole entry on the color yellow. I enjoyed finding this treasure.

Before College

This to-do list was found in the parking lot of Coolray Field (Home of the Gwinnett Braves). It appears to be a list of goals some kid wants to accomplish before heading off to college. Some have already been crossed off, including “Box a Kangaroo.” Enjoy!

Getting This Done

Very detailed to-do list that probably belonged to the previous resident of my house, written on “Pirates of the Caribbean” paper. I wonder if it was ever completed by 3pm?