2 Doo List

Found inside the paper bin at the local township recycle center.

And All Was Saved

My wife found this letter in an old paperback book she purchased from a local bookstore. I think it’s such an awesome time capsule. Kinda makes you wonder weather Dieter and Melanie are living “happily ever after” in a commune somewhere.

Gonna Be a Great Summer

Sunday afternoon, June 5, I was at Hines Park in Northville (Michigan) with some running buddies. I was crossing a dirt parking lot when I looked down and saw a folded piece of paper pressed into the dirt. I picked it up and saw it was marked “confidential: property of Miranda, Alex, Emily, and Rachel.” … Continued

Hello Sunshine

A few years ago I had just moved into an apartment. One day I came home to find this on my front door – no idea who it’s from or what it means. The creepiest part is that whomever it was had apparently hung around for a while before posting it. That, and the strange … Continued

Sort It Out

I found this to-do list on the floor of the medical library at the university. My favourite is “Stop attacking girls you don’t fancy.”

Sacred Jeff-Time

I found this letter in a notebook. The notebook was left in my music theory classroom. The notebook has all sorts of writings, in-class activities, and a whole entry on the color yellow. I enjoyed finding this treasure.

Cycle of Anxiety

Recently, an addiction specialty psychiatrist (“No medications dispensed or stored on site”) opened in the storefront adjacent to the east end of the bridge. It is unclear if this was lost before or after her meeting, 12pm, Thursday, as it was found Friday morning.

Doing the Nasty LOL

I found this in a filing cabinet that my mom bought for me at a yard sale.

Before College

This to-do list was found in the parking lot of Coolray Field (Home of the Gwinnett Braves). It appears to be a list of goals some kid wants to accomplish before heading off to college. Some have already been crossed off, including “Box a Kangaroo.” Enjoy!